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What is Clayton Echard's job, 2022's The Bachelor star?

ABC recently announced Michelle Young’s suitor, Clayton Echard as the next Bachelor for the show’s 2022 instalment. We take a look at his job and professional life.

Clayton’s selection as the new Bachelor came as a surprise to some fans while others already guessed that he was going to be the series’ next leading man.

We take a look at the 2022 Bachelor‘s job!

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What is Clayton Echard’s job?

As per his Linkedin, Clayton currently serves as the Sales Representative at a medical technologies company.

The Bachelor, who is based in Columbia, Missouri, has been in his position for almost four years now. However, he has been with the firm since 2016.

Unlike many others in the corporate field, Clayton’s career hasn’t been very linear. The 2022 Bachelor was previously in the NFL, playing for the Seattle Seahawks.

Talking about his time with the team, the 28-year-old writes on his Linkedin: “After outperforming 4 other tight ends on a tryout basis with the Seattle Seahawks, I signed on as a free agent. While there, I practised daily with the team and played in 4 preseason games.”

He further reveals that he was unable to make the final roster. The University of Missouri alumni has been playing the sport since his college days.

However, Clayton’s deep interest in not just sports but also medical sales can be traced back to his college days. He served as an intern at Dr Glenn L. McElroy M.D. Sports Medicine Center during his early days.

The 2022 Bachelor’s Instagram

Besides building a strong work portfolio, Clayton has also built a huge social media following. The reality star has over 72k followers on Instagram.

From his Instagram, we can see that the Missouri native is extremely close to his friends and family. He features his loved ones in many pictures.

From his socials, we gather that Clayton has two brothers. He is also very close to his parents.

Fans react to the casting

Clayton’s casting in the franchise’s 2022 instalment has got Twitter users talking. Here are the most notable reactions:



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