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What is Grayson Chrisley's 2021 net worth and salary?

Grayson is the youngest in the Chrisley Knows Best family, but that hasn’t stopped him from starting his own business aged 15.

The Chrisley bunch are known for their hilarious skits and down-to-earth family dramas, including Grayson getting braces and having a growth spurt.

Despite all of this, his passion for sneakers has influenced a business to be made, which has viewers questioning what Grayson’s net worth is in 2021.

We found out how much he earns at such a young age… and compared it to his older sister Savannah’s net worth!

What is Grayson’s shoe business?

Grayson has not yet revealed his shoe business name, but is thought to be selling them. However, these can not be bought in the public domain yet.

According to Todd Chrisley, his sons Grayson and Chase both pursue their own professional endeavours outside of filming Chrisley Knows Best.

Todd explained that Grayson and Chase work six days a week, four filming the reality television series and the other two days on their own goals.

He went on to say that neither he nor Julie have any involvement in their business endeavours as “These are things that they chose to do.”

At just 14 years old, Grayson began working on his clothing line and he has since branched out further also selling sneakers.

He can be seen on his Instagram sporting sneaker brands such as Nike.

Grayson Chrisley: 2021 net worth

Grayson has a $1 million net worth, despite being just 15 years old.

His sister Savannah matches his net worth, with her own business Sassy by Savannah Cosmetics on the go, while Chase is worth $6 million.

Despite their parents’ financial issues, which mean Todd’s net worth is now $-5 million, Grayson and his siblings are independent businesspeople.

Todd Chrisley is thought to make a significant income on Chrisley Knows Best, as well as through partnership deals.

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His salary on Chrisley Knows Best

We know that Savannah reportedly makes roughly $250 thousand annually from her contract with The USA Network, so it’s likely Grayson’s is similar.

This money may have allowed Grayson to invest some money into his sneaker business in the first place, but this is unconfirmed.

Grayson has also been working at a local pool on Chrisley Knows Best, and even told his friends he “has work to do” when they asked him to join them.

He told his brother Chase that he’s “working so much” that he “doesn’t have time to spend the money” he makes, and wants to hang out with friends.

So Grayson’s salary is pretty hefty, if you add up his TV salary, local pool job and sneaker business!

Although, it is worth noting that he may not get quite as much salary as his siblings and parents due to being of a younger age.



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