What is happening between 90 Day Fiance’s Carmen and Melanie?

What is happening between 90 Day Fiance's Carmen and Melanie?

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin have split, just a week after they welcomed their first baby. She has since been linked to Carmen Nys.

The musician announced their break-up on Twitter, and has been posting a series of claims, including linking his ex to 90 Day Fiance star Carmen.

It comes just over a year since Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s friend Carmen bailed her out of jail and gave her a place to stay following her divorce.

After her appearance on the TLC show in 2020, there seems to be some more gossip in Carmen’s life, including her friendship with Melanie.

90 Day Fiancé | Before the 90 Days Season 5 Trailer

90 Day Fiancé | Before the 90 Days Season 5 Trailer

Aaron Carter and Melanie’s split

Aaron revealed on Twitter, as of Tuesday, November 30th, that his relationship with Melanie Martin has ended.

He revealed he has “never felt more devastated and betrayed and lied to” in his entire life, adding that his son Prince does not deserve any of this.

Aaron wrote on Twitter:

I’ve never felt more devastated and betrayed and lied to in my entire life, this is such a horrible situation considering Prince doesn’t deserve any of this. Now it’s my job to be a single father and that’s what’s gonna happen.

When accused of addiction issues, he responded with:

I’m not suffering from any addiction problems that is very appalling and rude of you to say I expect an apology.

Where are Melanie and Carmen?

According to Aaron, Melanie told him she is leaving for Las Vegas with her friend Carmen from 90 Day Fiance, with their son.

He revealed that she appears to have “had a back up plan this whole time”, adding that he will never see his newborn son again.

However, Carmen has responded on Instagram by denying claims that Melanie is in her house, and said she didn’t ask to stay with her.

Carmen did add that Melanie and her son could stay with her if she reaches out, but claims she has had no reply after messaging Aaron’s ex.

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Carmen’s 90 Day Fiance debut

Carmen has helped friends out in the past, mainly Larissa from 90 Day Fiance, after her divorce from Colt Johnson.

She bailed Larissa out and let her stay at her place, but asked her to leave when she was considering getting into a relationship with Eric.

Carmen detailed how she had used her own money to pay towards helping Larissa, which was aired on TLC in July 2020.

Larissa’s friend recently shared that she does not make money on the Internet or via publicity, before saying she minds her own business.


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