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What is Tammy's secret on 1000-lb Sisters? Fans quiz what TLC star is hiding!

Fans of TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters were left wondering what Tammy Slaton’s ‘secret’ is, which led to many guesses on what she is really hiding.

Tammy and Amy Slaton’s weight loss journeys have been followed on the series since January 2020, while they strive to drop the pounds.

During the latest episode (Monday February 9th), her sister Amy said that “times are different now” when referring to Tammy’s secret.

So, what is Tammy on 1000-lb Sisters really hiding? Theories below!

Screenshot: Tammy Must Lose 100 Pounds | 1000-lb Sisters, TLC YouTube

Tammy reveals she has a secret

Tammy admitted that she was keeping a secret from her boyfriend Jerry.

It ended with Jerry, who had paid her a visit, to leave her home.

Her sister Amy was heard telling Tammy that it is no longer the 1950s, and that people are more accepting now.

Fan theories on Tammy’s secret

  • Since writing this article, Tammy has come out as pansexual

The majority of guesses appear to think that Tammy is bisexual.

She has publicly admitted in the past that she has dated both men and women, and that her boyfriend Jerry is not her first love.

However, a few minority guesses are that she could be pregnant, or that it is related to her life expectancy, as she is on oxygen due to her health issues.

One Twitter user wrote: “I think on Tiktok she came out as LGBTQ+ but hence why Amy said “Times are different now” or something meaning people are accepting. She most likely is Bi or Pan.”

“I think it might be her life expectancy”, said another fan.

Tammy’s TikTok video explored

The 1000-lb star recently uploaded a video (on January 27) which saw her videoing herself with heart filters.

The background music involves the words:

No I am not gay, no I am not straight […] Bi pride all day. I like girls, I like guys.

Many fans interpreted the TikTok post as a coming out video, which has led them to think Tammy is bisexual.



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