The trailer for Black Mirror season 5 dropped on Wednesday, May 15th and sent the internet into a spin.

Not only does it have a star-studded cast – including Fleabag’s priest Andrew Scott and Miley Cyrus – but the trailer suggests we are set for more drama than ever!

But one thing that really got the internet talking was the epic song featured in the trailer.

So what is the song? And can we be expecting any Miley Cyrus song on the Black Mirror soundtrack?

Screenshot: Netflix – Black Mirror S4 titles.

What is the song in the trailer?

Fans of Black Mirror were all desperate to know what the song featured in the short trailer for the new season.

Many even took to Twitter to harass the Black Mirror Twitter account for answers!

Luckily, we have the answer for you!

The song in the Black Mirror season 5 trailer is called ‘Lonely Feelings’ by French duo Love Supreme.

Who are Love Supreme?

Love Supreme are a Parisienne electronic duo.

The track ‘Lonely Feelings’ came from their debut self-titled EP which was released on April 26th, 2019.

You can follow the band and all their latest updates on their Twitter page, here or join their Instagram following @lovesuprememusic.

We’re sure this band is about to blow up after the reaction to the Black Mirror trailer!

Will Miley Cyrus be on the soundtrack?

As Miley Cyrus will play one of the show’s lead characters, many are hoping she will lend her musical prowess to the Black Mirror soundtrack.

This speculation now has more substance as from the season 5 trailer, we can see she is playing the role of a pop star in the show.

These theories are going as far as predicting that the unreleased lead single from Miley’s new album will be a song she will perform as her character in Black Mirror… Which all sounds a bit too meta for us, but who knows where Charlie Brooker could take us this season!

Screenshot: Black Mirror season 5 trailer


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