American Idol came to an end this Sunday after an incredible finale, however, unfortunately, we said goodbye to Leah Marlene who came in at third place after an impressive journey on the show.

The 20-year-old singer/ songwriter was eliminated halfway through the episode and this came after two beautiful performances, one with her mentor Katy Perry and one of her own, however, she couldn’t quite make it to the top two.

Reality Titbit has all the details on her elimination as well as where she plans on going and what she plans on doing next, check it out.

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Johnny vs. Amber | Official Trailer | discovery+

Johnny vs. Amber | Official Trailer | discovery+
Leah Marlene. Picture: FIREWORK by Katy Perry and Leah Marlene Lights Up The Idol Finale – American Idol 2022

Leah Marlene’s elimination

Leah was eliminated during the episode and came in at third place on the show after audiences’ votes were tallied after the three finalists performed two iconic songs.

Leah performed “Firework” by and with her mentor Katy Perry as a duet and adorably her father, Derry Graham, joined as he played the guitar. The song showcased her raw talents and provided a lot of nostalgia for her childhood.

The singer also performed “Cover Me” by Bruce Springstein as well as an original performance of her song “Flowers” which was a very emotional performance but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to secure her a spot in second or first place.

What’s next for Marlene?

It has only been a few days since her elimination so it is still early days but Leah already has big plans for her future. Before the finale on Sunday, Leah took to her Instagram to do a Livestream with fans where she told her followers how excited she was for her “upcoming career moves.”

The songwriter stressed that whichever way it went during the American Idol final it wouldn’t take away from her gratitude. The star explained:

I feel like the biggest winner in life right now.

On Instagram, she is busy promoting her music and revelling in the aftermath of her success in the singing competition and fans cant wait to see what she has in store for her future music career prospects.

Locals held a watch party for Leah

Leah has some very supportive fans in her area and the locals supported her as they held a watch party for the finale at Redbird Arena and Normal West High School which was the college Marlene went to and graduated from in 2019.

During the episode, we saw snippets of Leah in her home town at a parade as well as a dinner with her family and a ceremony in which the Mayor, Chris Koos named the 17th of May, Leah Marlene Day.

We cant wait to see what is in store for the upcoming star in the future.

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