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When do the new episodes of The Circle come out on Netflix?

Season 4 of The Circle was added to Netflix last week and fans are addicted already. Aside from the new cast members, the real show stoppers so far have been the Spice Girls. Their surprise addition to the group has shocked fans and now they are dying for the next episodes. 

After binging the first four episodes – come on, we know you have – audiences want to know when the next will be released as well as what went down in week one. Reality Titbit has all the details, check it out. 

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Selling The OC | Official Teaser | Netflix

Selling The OC | Official Teaser | Netflix
The Circle.Picture: The Circle Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

When are the new episodes being released?

The Circle has always released its episodes in weekly batches, since season one, and it’s the same again for season 4 with Netflix releasing four episodes per week. 

The next four episodes will be released on Wednesday, May 11 at 3 AM ET and 12 AM PT. The rest of the schedule is as follows:

Episodes 5-8: May 11

Episodes 9-12: May 18

Episode 13 (Finale): May 25

The first four episodes are available to watch on Netflix now and all you need is an active subscription to the streaming service.

The Spice Girls shook things up!

The first four episodes had us hooked and they have been very spicy as they were all about the Spice Girls. Mel B and Emma Bunton spent the week in their apartment with Mel’s dog Cookie catfishing the other players as Jared. 

If the pair can successfully make it through undetected, there will be $50,000 added to the grand prize at the end. 

Episode four saw the other players try to guess who was catfishing as the infamous girl band and baby and scary spice tried to convince the players it wasn’t them. 

The end of episode four was a massive cliffhanger with the players casting two votes for Rachel being the Spice Girls and two for Jared – aka Mel and Emma – and let’s just say, we can’t wait to find out who it is!

Bru was TikTok famous before The Circle

Bru was actually famous before The Circle, as he works as a radio host and has at least four million followers on TikTok. He even hosted the red carpet for the worldwide premiere of Spiderman: No Way Home!

The Netflix star even has his own show and merchandise. He calls his fellow fans the Bru Crew and posts regular videos and pictures of his updates across all of his social media platforms.

From interviewing Lizzo to Jason Derulo having watched his TikToks, he is so used to celebrity fame that the fact the Spice Girls really were on season 4 of the show might not even phase him!



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