The 1000-lb Sisters were brought to us after the success of the original TLC weight-loss journey show My 600-lb Life. With Season 3 currently airing, fans are already anticipating the next season of 1000-lb Sisters.

Sisters, Tammy and Amy Slaton’s story became so popular, TLC made them their own spin-off show in 2019 that has been nothing shy of a success.

The programme shows the two sisters trying to turn their lives around and reach their weight loss goals. During the past three seasons, fans have seen them face a lot of issues.

So, let’s find out when Season 4 is due to be released and if it will even be released at all…

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1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC
Tammy and Amy Slaton – 1000 lb Sisters. Picture: TLC YouTube

When is TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters Season 4 release date?

Unfortunately, TLC is still yet to release a solid date for the debut of Season 4. Some fans think this might be due to the fact that Season 3 is currently airing. However, the majority of audience speculation seems to be that Season 3 might be the last season of the sisters that we get.

If you’ve watched the show, you’ll know that for the past three seasons, Tammy and Amy have had very opposing journey’s with their weight and audiences are now wondering if the show will even have a storyline for Season 4.

Due to Tammy’s continuing downward spiral of her not losing any weight and obtaining multiple health conditions along the way, audiences are worried that there won’t be anything for TLC to document.

However, this isn’t the only speculation as to why it won’t be returning, many fans of the show have admitted during the latest season that they are starting to become “bored” with the show’s slow storyline.

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Tammy and Amy’s opposing weight-loss journeys

The past three seasons have shown quite the contrast between the sisters. Amy has made incredible progress, not just with her weight loss, but with her life.

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, the 34-year-old has already achieved her goal weight and is now the mother of quite an adorable little boy, Gage.

Amy reaching her goal weight has also added to the speculation of why Season 4 might not be returning. Amy’s weight-loss journey is complete and though fans couldn’t be happier for her, it’s also quite sad to potentially see her go.

The last three seasons for her sister, however, have not been the same. Tammy has continuously put on more weight throughout the series and has in fact, only gained weight since it started in 2019.

According too Screen Rant, last year doctors found a blood clot in Tammy’s lungs and she was placed on life support. Though having almost not pulled through, this health scare didn’t seem to kick Tammy into action as she continued to gain weight immediatly after.

Season 4’s expected release date

If they are deciding to make a fourth season and we are all just super impatient, Reality Titbit estimates that it may start airing towards the end of 2022.

Similar to the previous seasons, they are usually released around the wintertime, ready for the new year.

Audiences are worried that if the views for Season 3 are low, we won’t be getting a Season 4. With Tammy continuing to gain weight, fans are becoming less and less hopeful that she could reach her goal weight and are worried the show’s story line could become monotonous.

Viewers are hoping that Tammy follows in her sister’s footsteps. We will have to wait and find out what happens in the current season and keep our fingers crossed for more 1000-lb Sisters.



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