When is Cheerleader Generation coming back? Confirmed return date!

Fans of series Cheerleader Generation have been disappointed every night they’ve tuned into Lifetime.

Without warning, the show that casts an insightful look into college cheerleading competitions was pulled from the air with no statement from Lifetime as to when it would return.

Worse yet, they never specified if it would return.

Fortunately, cast members have responded to the bombardment of tweets and Instagram messages they’ve had enquiring into if and when series 1 will return.

Finally… we have a confirmed return date!

Cheerleader Generation

Has Cheerleader Generation been cancelled?


Donna Martin and her girls – and now, Ryan O’Connor, of course – have not been pulled from the USA Lifetime TV schedule.

Instead, the series has moved timeslots and will re-launch at a later date.

MasterChef 2021 | Trailer - BBC Trailers

That said, the season results from the TV show are looming somewhere online, so don’t tempt yourself by looking for spoilers – you will find them!

When is Cheerleader Generation coming back?

Cheerleader Generation will return to Lifetime on Thursday, September 26th.

The series will pick up where it left off, on episode 6, and should air the remaining four episodes on each of the following Thursday evenings.

Reality Titbit believes there are 10 episodes in total, although there could be more.

Reality TV to binge in the meantime!

Of course, September 26th is still some time away, so you’re probably looking for other TV gems to binge on.

A new series of Black Ink Crew launched on Wednesday, August 14th, this time focusing on a tattoo parlour in Compton. The series airs every Wednesday night on VH1.

If you’re keen for similar sporting lows and highs then a brand new season of QB1: Beyond The Lights drops to Netflix on Friday, August 16th.

Okay, so you’re swapping cheerleading for American football, but the show is equally as entertaining!

Elsewhere, The Challenge 34: War of the Worlds 2 launches on Monday, August 28th on MTV, The Real Housewives of Dallas returns to Bravo in early September as well as Keeping Up with The Kardashians season 17 on E!



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