When was The Real World reunion filmed? Is it filmed in the same loft as before?

Paramount Plus is bringing back the original reality stars of The Real World, 30 years on since its original series. When was it filmed?

The reality series first saw a group of teenagers live in a loft together, which was all filmed for cameras back in 1992.

Now that the cast are either parents or working professionals, we will see them meet again, leaving the question of when the reunion was filmed.

Here’s when and where The Real World Homecoming: New York took place.

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When was The Real World reunion filmed?

  • Around December 2020

Although it has not been revealed exactly when filming began, we do know that shooting on the Homecoming series wrapped up in January 2021.

Considering the original series of The Real World was filmed over three months, from February to May 1992, it likely took the same amount of time.

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As reported by the NY Times, it was late last year when Julie Gentry received a text message about the reunion series.

Is The Real World filmed in the same loft?

  • Yes

The exact loft is based at 565 Broadway in Manhattan, New York.

Norman Korpi was working as a photographer and fashion designer when he learned about The Real World.

He heard about the series from producers who were scouting his loft as a possible location, according to the NY Times.

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The Real World Homecoming: Cast list

All of the original members are set to return for the official reunion.

However, Eric Nies is not living in the same loft as his co-stars, who all stayed together. Instead, he was filmed by virtually tuning in.

It is thought that the reason for him living separately from his co-stars is explained during the reunion series.

Here’s The Real World cast list:

  • Becky Blasband
  • Andre Comeau
  • Heather B. Gardner
  • Julie Gentry
  • Norman Korpi
  • Eric Nies
  • Kevin Powell



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