Where are the Storage Wars stars now? Updates on Brandi, Kenny and co!

Where are the Storage Wars stars now? Updates on Brandi, Kenny and co!

Storage Wars sees hopeful bidders look through garages, with hopes to make a large profit. So, where are the show’s stars now?

The A&E series showcases the lives of professional buyers, as they visit auctions and storage units to find interesting items.

Cast members involve Jarrod, Brandi, Dave, and Mavrick, amongst others, and fans are wondering what they are currently up to.

So, where are the Storage Wars stars now? What are they doing post-filming? We explored their current lives to find out the latest updates…

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Brandi Passante

Brandi is a single mother of two, who she shares with Jarrod Schulz.

After revealing that her and co-star Jarrod split two years ago, who she has daughter Payton and son Cameron with, she has continued to bid alone.

She has told Spirit Talk YouTube channel that she is “seeing no-one in particular” and that she’s “going with the flow” when it comes to love.

The bidder has also reportedly been seen out partying.

Jarrod Schulz

Jarrod is currently in a new relationship, having moved on from Brandi.

He is now dating a woman named Rochel Beckman, who works as a waitress at his food establishment.

The Storage Wars star continues to bid, but as an individual. He also runs The Rush Bar & Grill in The Lake Forest, California.

Kenny Crossley

Ken is currently a comedian, MC and security worker.

However, one of his main sources of income appears to come from his clothing company Kenny Do It Gear.

He regularly visits race tracks, and has been producing music for over 12 years – so he keeps fairly busy when he’s not bidding at auctions!

Mavrick Von Haug

Mavrick is a NPC Wellness Competitor and Men’s Physique Competitor.

He is married to Gwen, who is known as a World Champion bodybuilder, owner of GEMbody Fitness, and highly sought-after personal trainer.

Mavrick and Gwen work out together. The pair is currently staying at a ranch in Lucerne Valley with their children.

Dan and Laura Dotson

Couple Dan and Laura continue to film for Storage Wars and share videos with their fans on Facebook.

The American Auctioneers run their own events, which they spend most of their time doing – including estate and storage auctions.

Dan and Laura handle 3,000 auctions and appraisals per year, making them America’s number one auction team!

They are thought to have a net worth of $4.5 million dollars.

Darrell Sheets

Darrell is still happily gambling and filming for Storage Wars.

He recently had ceramic coating put on his 1959 car, which his Instagram followers seemed to love the look of!

The Storage Wars star is loved up with a realtor called Kimber.

Rene and Casey Nezhoda

Rene and Casey are a married couple who bid together.

They also continue to be the owners of a shop called Bargain Hunters Thrift Store, which fans can find on eBay.

Casey recently launched her own Instagram account, which she has already accumulated at least 2.1K followers on.

They both run a YouTube channel together where they give fans a glimpse into their thrift store, and share updates on their lives.

Ivy Calvin

Ivy Calvin, known as “the King of Palmdale”, owns thrift store Grandma’s Attic in Palmdale, California.

He also sells second-hand items online, via his Facebook page, from marbles for $30, 50 golf balls, to Hot Wheels collector cards.

The Storage Wars bidder also spends a lot of family time, with his wife Wendy and the couple’s two sons – who star on the show.



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