The 1000-lb Sisters were seen trying to lose enough weight to qualify for and undergo life-changing bariatric surgery. So where are they now?

TLC first introduced us to the Slaton siblings in December 2019, making it over one whole year since we first met them.

When standing on the scales, they both weighed over 1,000 pounds combined, which led to them wanting to make an extreme life change.

So where are the 1000-lb sisters in 2021? Did they ever get surgery?

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Meet the 1000-lb Sisters

Amy and Tammy Slaton, from Kentucky, are known for being YouTubers.

While Amy weighed 406 pounds, her sister Tammy weighed 605 pounds.

Amy revealed that she wanted to start a family with her husband, but had trouble getting pregnant as a result of weight and health issues.

Tammy faced some severe health issues, including two blood clots, pneumonia, and several medical procedures, such as going on life support.

The sisters’ fame began before the show, when their video of A Chubby Bunny Challenge 6 years ago went viral, getting millions of views!

The 1000-lb sisters weight story

With the sisters both living together, Tammy was often seen relying on her sister Amy, which saw the siblings getting into some arguments.

They chucked away junk food that was inside their kitchen – with Tammy wanting to lose weight because she wanted to become healthy.

Amy, on the other hand, had been an average weight until she turned 10, which was when her grandmother died – and grief made her turn to food.

In March 2019, Tammy got gout, a form of arthritis, which led to her being hospitalized and sharing a video online about it.

On the 1000-lb Sisters, they followed a healthier diet and began to exercise.

Where are the 1000-lb sisters now?

The question on everyone’s minds is whether Amy, now 33, and Tammy, 34, ever got the weight loss surgery they were aiming to qualify for.

Amy lost the weight needed to get the surgery, but Tammy didn’t. She has reportedly gained more weight since the start of the show.

Amy and her husband Michael Halterman are expecting their first child!

Reports state that she was not supposed to get pregnant so close to having the weight loss surgery, which happened 4 months after the procedure.

Tammy has revealed that she is happy for her sister.



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