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Where does Liz from 7 Little Johnstons live now? Update on moving out!

Elizabeth becomes the first to move out of the 7 Little Johnstons household, with Anna following her footsteps. Here’s where they live.

It has been one of the main topics throughout the ninth season, with Anna often clashing with her mom when it comes to wanting to move out.

Since then, Liz has moved into her own house, and Anna has been close behind her – and it’s all caught on camera for the TLC network.

Here at Reality Titbit, we got the latest update on the sisters’ living situation, and explored where they are living now – is it far from their parents’ home?

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Screenshot: Elizabeth, Teaching The Girls How To Change A Tyre | 7 Little Johnstons, tlc uk YouTube

Liz moves out of Johnston home

After Jonah, Elizabeth has now left the Johnston household.

During this season of 7 Little Johnstons, she has been planning to get her own place, and recently signed a lease for a new home.

Emma recently took to Instagram, where she spoke about her sisters Elizabeth and Anna’s “new journey in a few weeks”.

She added that she appreciates the “extra space” in the house, adding that they are leaving but will continue to see each other.

The move comes after Elizabeth was spoken to by her father, regarding her behaviour in the house with boyfriend Brice.

Where does Elizabeth Johnston live now?

  • Johnstonville, Georgia

Looking at the family’s Instagram, Elizabeth has now packed up her things and moved into her own home in Johnstonville.

She was pictured holding up a door welcome sign that reads “hello”, with the caption ‘adulting like bosses’, and is thought to be living alone.

The family lives in a farmhouse in Barnesville, Lamar County, Georgia, meaning she is only a nine-minute drive away from them.

Elizabeth shared a storage unit with her sister Anna, and fans are wondering if she has also packed up and moved out.

She is thought to have moved out a couple of months ago.

A recent post on the family Instagram shows two sisters jumping into a pool, but some think this may be Jonah’s place.

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Did Anna move out of the Johnston home?

  • Yes, Anna has officially moved out

It’s not just Elizabeth who has taken it in her stride to start seriously adulting, as her sister Anna Johnston has done the same.

Fans believe that Anna has moved in with a friend. She has been pictured standing at the red front door, with a big smile on her face.

Some 7 Little Johnstons viewers thought that Anna and Elizabeth had moved into the same place together, but they are living separately.

The news comes after Anna spent several conversations talking to her parents about wanting to move out, which they initially did not agree with.



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