Where has Mrs Meldrum gone? Another YouTube star caught up in scandal!

It’s been a long time since we last heard of Mrs Meldrum, YouTube star and influencer who got caught up in a maelstrom of internet drama.

So where has Mrs Meldrum gone?

Read on as we dissect the scandal which caused her disappearance, where she’s been and how she’s making her return…

Screenshot: Mrs Meldrum’s YouTube – A Life Update!

What happened to Mrs Meldrum?

Rebecca Meldrum, the internet personality behind Mrs Meldrum, celebrated her 30th birthday with fifteen pals at The Fairmount Hotel’s spa in St. Andrews, Scotland.

During the trip, which was documented and posted to the Mrs Meldrum YouTube account – which has over 110k subscribers – a racist joke about the Ku Klux Klan could be overheard in the background.

Mrs Meldrum was majorly slammed online for including the clip, but rather than take it down, she covered up the joke with some music… Which inevitably did not go down well with fans and caused the video to blow up over the weekend of April 27th, 2019.

The video has since been removed.

The Candice Brathwaite scandal

The scandal was exacerbated when Mrs Meldrum brought fellow mummy vlogger Candice Brathwaite into the conversation.

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Out of the blue, Mrs Meldrum urged her followers to follow Candice Brathwaite.

In an Instagram post, Candice stated that she doesn’t know Rebecca Meldrum and was being brought into the conversation to act as a “shield” against these racism accusations.

Where has Mrs Meldrum gone?

Mrs Meldrum has taken a hiatus from her social media presence.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she apologised for her misconduct, for all of her 87,000 followers to see.

There has been a major backlash, but it seems that most fans have accepted her apology and she hasn’t been excommunicated from the YouTube community in the way, say, James Charles or ProJared have after their recent scandals.

Mrs Meldrum’s return

Mrs Meldrum usually posts new videos to YouTube every 2-3 days, so when that schedule was interrupted, viewers knew something was definitely wrong.

She posted her first YouTube video after three weeks on Thursday, May 16th where she quickly addressed her absence in the first twenty seconds and thanked her fans for their support. Check the video out below.


Another video followed on Monday, May 20th suggesting she is back to producing content, but not at the rate she was previously.

Mrs Meldrum has not posted to her Instagram account since April 28th, 2019.

Her Twitter account also remains private.



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