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Where is 1000-lb Sisters filmed and have they always lived there?

Tammy and Amy Slaton’s lives are shared for all to see on TLC, leaving viewers with the question of where the 1000-lb Sisters live.

Starting off with a combined weight of over 600 lbs, the sisters have now dropped some pounds from the scales after trying to eat healthily.

It hasn’t been easy though, with Tammy only just leaving rehabilitation to “eat one burger a day”, following in her sister Amy’s footsteps to get surgery.

During their weight loss journey, fans have been wondering exactly where the siblings live and whether they have always resided there.

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1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

Where do the 1000-lb Sisters live?

Tammy and Amy live in Dixon, Kentucky, a three-hour drive from St. Louis, where they may be visiting for a vacation during the third season.

They film in the small city of Dixon in Webster County. However, the production crew have travelled to other parts of the United States.

Some filming happens in Atlanta, Georgia, where one of the best bariatric surgeons in the country, Dr. Charles Procter Jr, is based.

It takes Tammy and Amy five hours to drive to his office!

Have they always lived there?

Yes, Tammy, Amy and their brother Chris are originally from Dixon. However, they were both born in different places.

Tammy was born in Illinois, and claims younger sister Amy was brought into the world in Indiana. They were raised by single mother Darlene.

The sisters grew up in small city, which is 1.26 square miles in total. They both attended Union High School, when Tammy aspired to be a nurse.

This is where Amy met her long-term boyfriend and now-husband Michael Halterman, who she got married to in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Do Amy and Tammy live together?

Amy and Tammy were living together when 1000-lb Sisters started.

However, Amy has since moved into a home with her husband and son Gabe. At one point, she allowed Tammy to live with her family.

Amy even slept with a baby monitor on Tammy to make sure that nothing happened to her while she slept.

When Tammy recently went to a rehabilitation centre to help her lose weight, Amy was happy because she wanted to see her sister get better.

However, she also wanted time to focus on her husband and baby without having to look after Tammy, who is over 600 pounds.

Now, Tammy has her own place and lives right next to sister Amy.



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