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Where is BattleBots 2021 filmed? Location of robot contest series explored!

BattleBots is the robotic championship show that features on the Discovery Channel every Thursday. So where is it filmed?

The competition, which involves machines that are designed to be operated by remote-controls, go robot-to-robot fight in an arena tournament.

From what started as a spin-off of Robot Wars, its tenth season is now airing, which has led fans to question where the show is filmed.

Keep reading to find out where BattleBots is all captured on camera…

Screenshot: Battlebots, Discovery Twitter

What are the BattleBots rules?

During a match, two robots do their best to destroy or disable each other in any way, shape or form to do so.

The match begins with a series of lights that flash from yellow to green.

Each match between the robots takes three minutes.

If a robot cannot move for ten seconds, because it is too badly damaged or it is stuck, it is declared knocked out.

The winner is then decided when a robot gets damaged in the process.

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Where is BattleBots 2021 filmed?

  • 2770 Industry Avenue in Lakewood, California

The current season of BattleBots was filmed in October 2020.

It was filmed across the course of two weeks, with its original air date of May 2020 being pushed back to December 2020, due to the pandemic.

Filming takes place at an arena called BattleBox, on Industry Avenue, which is thought to have grown in popularity over the last few years.

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BattleBox on Industry Avenue explored

The BattleBox is a 48′ x 48′ square arena designed to protect the drivers, officials, and audience from flying debris and charging bots.

Originally designed by Pete Lampertson, it has a steel floor and steel-framed walls and roof panelled with bulletproof polycarbonate plastic.

The teams bring their robots in through doorways, which are sealed after everyone has left the arena.

The drivers control their machines from outside the sealed arena.



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