Where is Clay Hayes now? Alone season 8 winner update!

Alone is a thrilling survival reality TV show which pits seasoned survivalists against the extremities of nature. Contestants are abandoned in a remote location left to survive the dangers surrounding them. Ultimately, the last human standing in the wilderness is crowned the grand winner.

Clay Hayes battled against the dangers of nature and stood victorious in season 8. He was a fan favorite from the outset, showing skill and knowledge in his quest for survival.

But where is the survivalist now?

Who is Clay Hayes?

Clay Hayes’ fascination with the jungle and survivalism stemmed from childhood.

He grew up in rural Florida and was taught the basics of hunting, fishing, and trapping from a very young age.

Although he was employed as a wildlife biologist, Clay found himself bring drawn towards the art of making bows and primitive archery.

To follow his dream, he quit his job and dedicated his life to the study of archery, which has helped him to become an expert in archery and bow craft.

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Victory on Alone season 8 explored

While on the shores of Chilko Lake in Alone season 8, Clay found a use for all of those expert skills he had honed since childhood and was quick to find water and shelter. He continued the journey, in the same way, staying strong and dedicated to his goal to survive.

Clay endured and overcame everything the wilderness threw at him. He overcame freezing temperatures, starvation and isolation, and was victorious in surviving for a total of 74 days and winning the massive $500,000 dollar prize. He said that he could have even survived weeks longer to outlast his final opponent!

Clay said that he hopes to teach his son and people watching at home through his performance, and he believes that the biggest obstacle that he conquered was his own mind.

Where is Clay Hayes now?

  • Clay Hayes is now a professional hunter and bowyer – talk about a TV series success!

Before his appearance on Alone, Clay was relatively well known for being an expert primitive bowmaker.

He even uploaded videos on YouTube and held classes to teach others about his knowledge. Since his journey on Alone, his fame has grown significantly, and he has also been featured in multiple prestigious publications.

Clay has also served as a guest on several podcasts, shows, and videos to speak about his experience on the show and his knowledge.

His YouTube channel has grown significantly with regular videos being posted about survival skills and bow-making activities to his 114k subscribers. He also continues to conduct his sought-after classes on bow-making and archery.

Currently, Clay, his wife Liz and their two sons reside in a homestead near Lewiston in North Idaho. His wife shares his love of nature, and all of the family practices sustainable living through hunting, fishing, foraging and gardening. Clay and Liz also try and instil their love of nature and bushcraft in their sons with them doing activities together!

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