If you’re a fan of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon you’ll have heard of – but probably never paid too much mind to – the live band for the show The Roots.

Lead drummer and frontman of the band, Questlove, could be missed on the show due to the other celebrity guests, but he is equally as talented and just as interesting as those who appear on the series.

RealityTitbit did some digging and found out where he can be spotted on the show and who he is. So, let’s jump right in…

Profiled: The Black Man | Official Trailer | discovery+

Profiled: The Black Man | Official Trailer | discovery+

Where is Questlove on Jimmy Fallon?

Ashmir Thompson, AKA Questlove, serves as the frontman for Jimmy Fallon’s show’s house band, The Roots.

You can see him in short snippets throughout the show when the band is featured. Though he may be easily missed on the show, Jimmy has in the past featured Questlove – and the rest of the band – as show guests themselves.

He has been invited on for his own interviews about his life as a Grammy-award-winning artist. You can check some of them out on NBC by clicking here.

If viewers thought they missed Questlove on The Tonight Show in January 2022, he may have been absent due to it being his birthday on January 20th, however, this is currently unconfirmed.

Who is Questlove?

Born in Philidelphia, Questlove discovered his love for the drums at just seven years old. He played them religiously and became a musical director by the mere age of 13.

The musical genius continued his passion for music throughout high school, where he created and discovered the band, Square Roots – now known as The Roots.

They began to become more and more popular and with Questlove spending his free time busking on South Street in Philidephia – one of the most popular and famous streets across the US – they quickly rose to stardom.

Questlove’s band have released 14 studio albums since their start in 1993, including bestsellers, Things Fall Apart, The Tipping Point and Game Theory.

However, his creativity doesn’t end at music, the multi-faceted musician is also a New York Times best selling author of not one, but four books.

Questlove comes from a family of pretty well-known musicians

From taking a quick look at his family tree, it’s clear to see that music runs in the family, not just in him.

His Father is the 1950’s doo-wop legend, Lee Andrews, from the group Lee Andrews and The Hearts.

His grandfather was also in the industry, he was a well-known gospel singer in the group Dixie Hummingbirds. Not only were the men in his life fellow musicians, but his mother herself was also part of the soul group Congress Alley.

Questlove spent his entire childhood touring with his parents as they didn’t want to leave him at home. He grew up on the backstages of his parents’ shows, surrounded by the magic of music.

His exciting childhood fed his musical soul and has added to his success and passion to this day.

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