Where is The Ultimate Surfer filmed? ABC filming location revealed!

Where is The Ultimate Surfer filmed? ABC filming location revealed!

The Ultimate Surfer will bring together some of the best up-and-coming surfers in the world, but some viewers may wonder where it’s filmed.

Contestants will train and live together while they compete for the ultimate prize – $100k and three wildcard spots on the WSL Championship Tour.

Seven men and seven women are set to ride the waves this year, at a rather sunny, tropical location which many would dream to be sunbathing at.

We explored the ABC show’s filming location, and looked into who is set to host and take part in The Ultimate Surfer

Screenshot: The Ultimate Surfer trailer, ABC

Who is hosting ABC’s The Ultimate Surfer?

  • Former NFL quarterback and The Bachelor from season five, Jesse Palmer, is set to host the surf competition series.

Alongside him, sports anchor Erin Coscarelli and the voice of professional surfing Joe Turpel will serve as commentators.

Eleven-time WSL champion Kelly Slater will act as the lead consultant and also serve as a special correspondent.

The Ultimate Surfer: Season 1 cast


Kai Barger – 31, Haiku, Hawaii
Austin Clouse – 27, Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Mason Barnes – 27, Venice, California
Ezekiel Lau – 27, Honolulu, Hawaii
Luke Davis – 28, Los Angeles, California
Alejandro Moreda – 35, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Koa Smith – 26, Sunset Beach, Hawaii


Brianna Cope – 26, Koloa, Hawaii
Kayla Durden – 28, Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Bruna Zaun – 31, Redondo Beach, California
Juli Hernandez – 23, Costa Mesa, California
Malia Ward – 23, San Clemente, California
Anastasia Ashley – 34, Miami Beach, Florida
Tia Blanco – 24, Oceanside, California

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Where is The Ultimate Surfer filmed?

  • Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California

The Ultimate Surfer was captured on camera at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch in Kings County, California.

In 2006, Slater teamed up with Adam Fincham, an expert in fluid dynamics at USC to develop the Surf Ranch.

The facility is known for producing consistent waves which are perfect for the surfing competition.

Slater’s vision was to create a soliton wave which means a self-reinforcing solitary wave that maintains its shape while it propagates at a constant velocity.

In 2007, he founded the Kelly Slater Wave Company, and in a decade he had what is widely regarded as the best artificial wave pool in the world.

The concept of the perfect wave has always been in the mind of the most successful professional surfer of all time.



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