As contestants take to Wipeout‘s extreme obstacle course, viewers are starting to wonder where it is filmed. We explored the location…

Over a week ago, the 2021 series hit our screens on the TBS network, which sees determined participants compete to win the $50,000 prize.

It doesn’t come easy, with several face-planters, obstacles and, yes – a potential Wipe Out – potentially hitting them along the way.

Fans have noticed the beautiful background when seeing the contestants take on the challenge. So, where is Wipeout 2021 filmed?

Screenshot: Wipeout: The Spiritual Healers Take on the Wipeout Zone (Clip) | TBS YouTube

Where is Wipeout 2021 filmed?

  • Sable Ranch, Canyon Country

Based in Santa Clarita, California, the ranch is the base for the huge crash course that contestants brave on Wipeout 2021.

In north Los Angeles, the ranch is a large enough greenery to place all of the face-planters, flying ride at the start, and wipe-out equipment.

It is thought that a special set was built to shoot the obstacle course series.

Wipeout 2021: Location explored

Sable Ranch is a popular California location for film and TV shoots.

It is thought to be an ideal location for Westerns due to its Spanish-style estate, stables and various outbuildings.

The location has been used for several series, including MaverickThe A-Team and 24, and films as Chevy Chase’s Invisible Man and Motel Hell.

Is Wipeout filmed at the same location?

  • Yes, the 2021 series has not Wipeout change its location

Since it first aired in 2008, the obstacle course has not moved base.

Despite having a break of almost six years since its previous series, producers have taken the show right back to where it started.

Up until 2014, Wipeout was filmed there, and is likely to continue to be filmed there for its 2021 series and any further shows.



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