Lil Twist has opened up about his family on Growing Up Hip Hop, leaving fans curious about who his parents are. Many fans have noted that their reputation may have been a pathway for the rapper to follow…

Aiming to rap his way to success, he has already been signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment. Named Christopher Lynn Moore at birth, let’s put his job aside and focus on his childhood.

As a younger boy, Lil Twist was brought up alongside his sister Crystal McGriff. During episodes of GUHH, the rapper has revealed that he was raised by a “real gangster“.

Let’s leave spitting bars to Lil Twist and focus on getting to know his parents.

Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Who are Lil Twist’s parents?

Lil Twist’s father is Stephen L. Ray, while his mother is Rhonda Moore. During the fourth season of Growing Up Hip Hop, the rapper revealed that his father was incarcerated.

He also said on the show: “My dad was a true street hustler.” Lil Twist continued, saying that he misses his father and that he provided for his family.

The GUHH star added:

You know how he got it how he had to get it and he provided for his family. He brought the bread, he brought go-karts, and he made me feel like I was stuntastic before Cash Money. It took me to actually having to go and sit in jail in L.A. County to realize I might be f–king up. I’m trippin. I need to go and see this man. I had to go through it to see what he’s been going through. And once I saw it, I felt bad. I miss him a lot for sure.

Lil Twist has also publicly revealed that his mother keeps him “grounded and respectful”. And it’s not just his parents who act as responsible figures for him, as he also looks up to Lil Wayne and Mack Maine.

Get to know Stephen and Rhonda

While Lil Twist’s father Stephen is in jail, Rhonda usually stays out of the limelight. We do know that his mother has two sisters, which would make them aunties to the rapper.

They appear to have been the three main women in his life, with many remarking on how respectful he is to ladies he meets and works with on Growing Up Hip Hop.

Seeming to agree, Lil Twist recently retweeted a Twitter post which states: “Twist said my momma and daddy aren’t celebrities and I was raise right #GUHH.”

A follower commented on a photo Lil Twist shared of his mom and aunties, and wrote: “They look like they whipped your ass then hugged you and cooked for you.” The rapper replied with: “Bruh! Still will lol.”

Lil Twist is also close to his grandmother. A fan told the rapper on Instagram that he previously worked with her and that, back in 2007, she said Lil Wayne wanted to sign her grandson.

There is a LinkedIn page belonging to a Rhonda Moore, based in Dallas, where she is thought to live. The profile states that she is an entertainment professional, who worked as a manager and CEO from 2006 to 2011.

Meet the GUHH star’s siblings

Lil Twist’s sister is Crystal McGriff. He also refers to a woman named Ryah as a sister, who he shared a throwback picture with from seventh grade prom, but he may well be meaning this on a close friendship basis.

He also has a young brother who goes by the stage name Lil Za. His real name is Zavier Smith.

Based in Dallas, Crystal and Lil Twist appear to be incredibly close. He told he “loves her with all his heart” just a couple of days ago, when she wished him a happy birthday on Instagram.

In the caption, she described him as her “best friend”. They often go out partying together!



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