Who are Ricko DeWilde's family from Life Below Zero?
Screenshot: Ricko DeWilde, Building a Bench in the Arctic | Life Below Zero, National Geographic YouTube

Who are Ricko DeWilde's family from Life Below Zero?

Ricko DeWilde’s family have been a fan favorite among Life Below Zero viewers, which shows their extreme ways of living in the wild.

Those living in remote areas of Alaska – such as Ricko and his family – are faced with minus-60 degree days and a battle for basic necessities.

His five children are often involved in learning his Native Alaskan traditions, which he was raised with alongside his siblings.

Since the November 9th episode, Ricko DeWilde’s family have been the talk of the season. Reality Titbit got to know all about the popular stars.

Who are Ricky DeWilde’s family?

Ricky has five children with partner Rona Vent. They have daughters Simone, Skarlett and Maya, and sons Skyler and Keenan.

The family-of-five lives in the city of Fairbanks. His oldest, Simone, reached the age of 17 recently, while his youngest is thought to be around 5. 

Ricky himself is the sixth of 14 children. His mother Amelia is Koyukon Athabascan, while his father Lloyd is an adventurer from California.

His family have hit headlines in the past, after his sister Riba was shot in her Tok home in 2016. Her son Eli Simpson said he killed her in self defense.

Ricky’s partner and children

Ricky and Rona Vent have been pictured together since 2013, which suggests they have been in a relationship for years. However, it is not known whether they are a married couple.

Ricko and Rona are Koyukon Athabascan, a group named after the territory its people occupy along the Koyukuk and Yukon rivers.

They are raising their children in Fairbanks, which has a 30,000 population. Despite this, Ricky is keen to teach them his own Native Alaskan values.

Ricky is thought to live with five children, but has also mentioned another daughter called Sarah, who he has said he misses on a couple of IG posts.

The Life Below Zero star’s wife Rona

Rona Mary Vent tends to stay out of the limelight, but we do know that she was brought up in a similar way to Ricko and is passionate about hunting.

In an Instagram post shared in 2018, Ricko wrote: “Thanks to Rona’s good shooting we got a nice fat moose on the way.”

She describes herself as a “Virgo-Leo Hybrid” and have attended weddings as a bridesmaid and groomsman, however they appear to not be married.

In an older post shared in May 2013, Ricko said he is “lucky because she puts up with all my bulls***”.



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