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Who are the Chefs on Next Level Chef?

Gordan Ramsey is one of the most famous celebrity chefs in the world, and he’s designed a brand new cooking competition, Next Level Chef.

Next Level Chef is set to be the ‘next evolution’ of cooking competitions, taking place in a three stories high kitchen. On the top floor, contestants will get first choice of ingredients, making it a smooth sailing experience for them. However, down in the basement, chefs will have to make do with leftovers to see “what magic they can create in the worst”.

So, who are the contestants hoping to become the first Next Level Chef? Here’s what we know…

Zachary Adams

Zachary is a 27-year-old Milwaukee based fine dining chef. In an announcement post for the show, he revealed that this time last year his restaurant closed down due to COVID-19, leaving him unemployed.

Reuel Vincent

34-year-old Reuel will be competing for the $250,000 prize on Next Level Chef. He originates from Trinidad, however now lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he works as a Banquet chef for ASPIRE.

Amber Rebold

Amber is a 33 year old chef from San Antonio. She describes herself as a “Hip Hop Hippie Hillbilly”.

Sergio Steele

26-year-old Sergio is a Trinidad and Tobago native, however lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has his own food delivery service company called Steele Meals, which sell finely crafted gourmet meals from natural ingredients.

Mariah Scott

Mariah is a 37-year-old chef hailing from California. She currently lives in Houston, Texas, and works as a Classically Trained Private Chef.

Jonathan Harrison

29-year-old Jonathon was born in Columbiana, Alabama, where he still lives today. According to his Instagram bio, he practices Radical Empathy and specializes in Modern Southern Entertaining.

Kenny Everett

Kenny is a 34-year-old chef also hoping to take the Next Level Chef crown. Alongside cooking, Everett is also a model. He described his experience on the show as the “toughest, fun, frustrating, educational, life changing thing I have done”.

Ae Southammavong

32-year-old Ae is originally from Laos, and now lives in San Diego, California. She has her own cooking show which she airs on her YouTube channel Twerking Tastebuds, where she shows off her skills in Southeast Asian cuisine. Ae also owns her own meal prep company called Stir Fry Master.

Angie Ragan

Angie is a 47 year old private chef hailing from Texas. She runs her own catering company called Salt By Angie.

Courtney Brown

Courtney is the oldest contestant facing the Next Level Chef kitchen, however that certainly won’t hold her back. The 48-year-old has years of experience in the industry working as a private chef and baker for numerous celebrities.

Tricia Wang

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Tricia is a professional chef who will be competing on Next Level Chef. She cooks daily on her Twitch account which has over 70k followers, making her the first and only Twitch chef on the show.

Roice Bethel

Roice was born in Brazil and raised in California. He is best known for his following on TikTok, where he posts delicious recipes for users to try at home.

Gary Marandola

Gary is known on social media as Gary the BBQ chef. He is a 33-year-old Rhode Islander with 1.7 million followers on TikTok.

Stephanie “Pyet” DeSpain

Pyet is a 30-year-old private chef from Kansas City. She specializes Indigenous Fusion Cuisine, and is set to launch LA’s 1st Native American Cuisine pop-up restaurant.

Devonnie Black

Devonnie hails from New York, however now resides in Seattle, Washington. The 30-year-old is the owner of Devonnie’s bites, and has her own book called Defining Devonnie.



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