Who are Vernon Adkison’s daughters from Bering Sea Gold?

Who are Vernon Adkison's daughters from Bering Sea Gold?

Fans of the hit adventure series Bering Sea Gold will be extremely familiar with Vernon Adkison as the former Merchant Marine has been featured on the show since its first season.

Viewers even got a glimpse of Vernon’s daughters, Elaine and Yvonne, on the show when they worked on the boat with their father. But who are they and how did one daughter land herself in jail?

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Who is Elaine Adkison?

Elaine Adkison is the eldest daughter of Vernon and she became a captain while appearing on Bering Sea Gold during season two. She has previously worked at Hooters.

She used to date Flint Collins who worked aboard the Wild Ranger but he left Bering Sea Gold in the fourth season following his split with Elaine. The mother-of-two then forged a new relationship with fellow diver Shem Fogelman, and the pair share their daughter Penny together. Currently, Elaine is with Alaskan Matt Jones and the couple welcomed their daughter Eleanor in July 2020.

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Who is Yvonne Adkison?

Yvonne Adkison attended Homer High School in Alaska and she also studied at the Academy of Hair Technology. In January 2019, she founded Beyond the Mirror Salon after her stint in jail.

In December 2014, Yvonne was arrested for the possession of 10 grams of heroin along with packaging materials and $1,840 dollars in cash. She was caught red-handed with her male accomplice Kevin Beamish.

After spending one year at Hiland Mountain Correctional Centre for intent to supply drugs she pled guilty to the charges in February 2017. Yvonne received two years in jail, though it was eventually reduced to one year as well as three years’ probation.

Who is Vernon Adkison’s wife?

Vernon Adkison has been married three times. He married his first wife Marcy Brocato in 1981 but the pair divorced and he got remarried to his second wife Elisia D Barlo in early 1989.

Both of his daughters are shared with his second wife with his eldest daughter born in August 1990 and his younger daughter born around two years later in August 1992.

He is currently married to Arlene Adkison and the pair wed in September 2003. Vernon and Arlene currently live together in Alaska.



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