Who is Amanda from Moonshiners and where is she after Master Distiller?

Who is Amanda from Moonshiners and where is she after Master Distiller?

Amanda Bryant recently showcased her Moonshining skills on Master Distiller, leaving fans with the question of exactly where she is now filming has wrapped up on Discovery.

She is one of America’s top legal and outlaw distillers who went head-to-head in the ultimate booze-making competition, hoping to be crowned the Master Distiller.

With three distillers and three judges, the spin-off of reality show Moonshiners saw Amanda *spoiler alert* go on to win the show. Along the way, she was given some valuable insights from cast members Mark and Huck.

Who is Amanda on Master Distiller?

Having struggled with filtering and clarity in the past, Amanda came out on top by impressing the judges.

She left quite the impression on Mark and Digger with her hazelnut-flavoured fusion. When friends told her that she had to pick either flavor or clarity, Amanda revealed: “When you say I can’t do something, I have to find a way to do it.”

The competitor won the 2021 Moonshiners: Master Distiller ‘Nuts on The Line’ episode. But that’s not the only thing she can do, as Amanda is also a roofer and artist.

Currently living in Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania, but originally from Philadelphia, she has previously studied Distilling Craft Spirits & Moonshine at the School of Hard Knocks.

Where is Amanda Bryant after the show?

Amanda continues to be grateful for her time on Moonshiners: Master Distiller and even has her own fan Facebook group for those who enjoyed watching her.

She is also still supporting distiller Huck Stewart and will be trying his new sweet corn whiskey, after working with both him and Mark Rogers on the show.

Completely self-taught, Amanda had found out all she knew about distilling by reading books. Since the show, she has been sharing any Moonshine-related events and activities on her Facebook fan page.

Talking about her win, she wrote on Facebook:

Putting myself out there and doing this crazy thing was so out of character for me. I have never wanted to be in the public eye, and I’m generally a very shy person, I hope over coming my own fears and being as brave as I could.. helps to inspire other people not to be afraid to pursue their goals.

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The 2021 winner’s background explored

Amanda is currently in a relationship, but has not disclosed her partner’s name. Most of her social media is based on her passion for distilling. In fact, she is a recently-certified Bourbon Whiskey Steward.

Also a member of the Stave and Thief Society, the Pennsylvania-based distiller recently went to visit Bended Knee Outdoors in Granite Falls to go pheasant hunting, in aid of a charity which aims to support veterans and their families.

Now, she can add being a winner of Master Distiller to her CV!

Amanda is clearly a woman of kindness, as she offered a man a ride who was running across eight lanes of traffic outside the hotel she was staying in, during filming.

He was in fact show competitor Chris Uyehara, a man who Amanda had dinner with every night while he taught her how to run a real distillery. His business is the Last Shot Distillery in Skaneateles.



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