Who is Bryony Kimmings? 5 unusual facts on The Sex Clinic artist!

The new The Sex Clinic: Artist In Residence series took off last night with the airing of its first episode.

The artist in residence at the Channel 4 series is Bryony Kimmings, who presented the show and interviewed many a patron of the clinic – displaying her wacky, off-kilter style through poetry, parades, videos and, err, glory holes.

Don’t forget the glory holes…

Bryony Kimmings in “Artist in Residence,” Episode 1 “The Sex Clinic”

Who is Bryony Kimmings?

Bryony admits to having had an STI herself. Yikes.

That’s right, Bryony is familiar with the world of STI’s after previously contracting one.

In The Sex Clinic, Bryony met many people getting tested for STI’s, so it makes sense that she’s been through the ordeal herself. She’s all clear now though, don’t worry!

Bryony Kimmings in “Artist in Residence,” Episode 1 “The Sex Clinic”

She’s a Brunel Uni Graduate

That’s right, Brunel students, another famous alumnus to add to your list.

Bryony studied Modern Drama and graduated in 2003, joining a decent list of notable alumni including Jo Brand, Greg Davies, Lee Mack, Iwan Thomas and Audley Harrison.

A bit better than Joey Barton and Sid from Skins – don’t ask what uni I went to.

Bryony Once Got Hammered for Seven Days Straight

As part of a collaboration with a group of scientists for her 2011 piece “7 Day Drunk,” Bryony got increasingly drunk to analyse the effect of alcohol on her creativity and work.

Sounds like pretty fun work to me!

“Artist in Residence’s” Bryony Kimmings in “The Sex Clinics.”

She’s Co-written a Screenplay With Emma Thompson

Kimmings is set to hit the big time with this one. She wrote the first draft of ‘Last Christmas,’ which is based on the Wham! song of the same name and which George Michae had some creative input in.

Michael collaborated with Kimmings and Thompson on the screenplay, which has just announced Paul Feig of ‘Bridesmaids’ as the director.

She Has a Song About Vaginas

If you happened to catch The Sex Clinic episode one, you will be familiar with the song.

I would suggest a drinking game where you drink every time you hear a euphemism for a vagina, but you’d honestly be hammered within seconds.

The Sex Clinic vagina song: 25 words you didn’t realise existed!

Bryony Kimmings in “Artist In Residence,” Episode 1 “The Sex Clinic”



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