A teary Chloe Sims shared her childhood story on TOWIE recently, when she attended a therapy session. So, who is the star’s mum?

The OG ITVBe star had been suffering with anxiety with driving, which include a fear of going on the motorway, straight roads and bridges.

However, when she went to a therapy session to discuss her anxiety, the therapist referred to Chloe’s upbringing, which she described as “nutty”.

This led the Sims sister to talk about abandonment issues in relation to her mother, leaving viewers wondering who she is and who her sisters’ mum is.

The Only Way Is Essex | Season 28 Episode Five Trailer

The Only Way Is Essex | Season 28 Episode Five Trailer

Chloe opens up about childhood

Chloe revealed to a therapist that she became scared of driving when she got a stressful phone call while behind the wheel once.

Ever since, she has been unable to drive on motorways, straight roads and bridges, which the therapist said goes back to her childhood.

She revealed that a trauma – which could be anything at all – could involve Chloe’s mum leaving when she was three years old.

The therapist goes on to label the trauma as “abandonment issues”, and Chloe said that it was a bit sad for her to talk about.

Who is Chloe Sims’ mum?

Chloe does not know her birth mum, and has no memory of her at all.

Her mum was 19 years old when she gave birth to the now successful-TOWIE star, which is why Chloe thinks she left home.

She was then found by a neighbour, before her dad picked her up.

The Sims sister has since revealed that her mother tried to contact her when she first appeared on The Only Way is Essex.

Chloe said her mum has emailed her, but that she didn’t reply. She had allegedly spoken about herself and did not ask about her daughter Mady.

How are the Sims sisters related?

Joey Essex and his sister Frankie’s mum Tina – who committed suicide when they were young – is Chloe, Demi, Frankie (the TOWIE star who is actually called Frances), and Charlie Sims’ dad’s sister.

Chloe Sims is Demi, Frankie, and Charlie’s paternal half-sister.

Linda Sims, known as Nanny Linda, is a grandmother to brother and sister duo, Joey and Frankie Essex.

This makes Chloe, Demi and Frankie’s cousins Joey and Frankie Essex.



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