Who is Denise Becker on Life Below Zero and how old is she? Andy Bassich's partner

Denise Becker often harvests vegetables in hers and partner Andy Bassich’s garden before winter hits Eagle, Alaska. But this is just one of the many survival instincts that take place in the sub-zero-degree temperatures…

As the latest season of Life Below Zero gets well underway, many have been wondering how old Denise is. It comes after fans questioned what happened to Denise and Andy in 2021, before their return later in the year.

So, what exactly is Denise’s background and what’s her age? And when did she meet Andy?

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Who is Denise Becker?

Denise is a Life Below Zero cast member, survival expert and former Florida-based nurse. She is in a relationship with co-star Andy Bassich, who it was revealed she began dating several years ago.

The Alaskan-based star previously worked as a trauma nurse. Born in Canada, Denise met Andy in 2016, while she was on a boat trip with a children’s scout group.

Before they knew it, the couple had relocated back to Alaska together, where Andy travels with his 37 sled dogs.

What happened to her and Andy last year?

Denise and her partner were not present on Life Below Zero for most of 2021, as Andy was recovering from a hip injury. This meant that the couple didn’t take part in filming for six months.

He told Republic World that Andy could not get the treatment he needed in Alaska and so he headed down to Florida to get the treatment he needed.

Andy then returned to the show on crutches, which left fans even more concerned. However, it looks like he has since recovered fully and that him and Denise have gone back to their usual Alaskan lives.

Luckily for Andy, Denise was able to play a big part in helping him get better due to her medical background.

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Her age and background explored

Denise’s age has not been officially disclosed, but it looks like she is in her mid-to-late sixties. Andy was born on January 25th 1959, he is 62 years old and due to turn 63 very soon.

We do know that Denise celebrates her birthday on May 21st,

She describes herself as a photographer in her Instagram bio, where she has 1.7K followers.

The National Geographic star has a 20-year-old daughter called Devan, who celebrates her birthday on June 10th. Denise described her as “strong, vivacious, independent” in a Facebook post.

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