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Who is Donald Hutson on Battlebots and what does he do for a living?

Donald Hutson is best known for starring on Discovery series Battlebots, where contestants have to control robots and go head-to-head with other robots to win the competition.

If you’ve been watching the machine-geared series for some time, you’ll know that Donald has become quite the expert when it comes to manoeuvring his robots.

With many years of practice, many are wondering how he is just so good at the sport. What does he do for work and has he accumulated a net worth through the unique skill? We’ve raced to all the answers.

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Selling the Hamptons | Official Trailer | discovery+

Selling the Hamptons | Official Trailer | discovery+

Who is Donald Hutson?

Donald, from San Diego, California, is known for being a roboteering competitor on BattleBots. The robot enthusiast has spent over 20 years “fabricating and creating all sorts of robotic creations for both work and play“.

It all started in 1996, when he designed and built a heavyweight robot called Tazbot and a few years later a Super Heavyweight robot, Diesector. 

Donald was a welder and fabricator for a local awning company before he developed his robot-making passion.

He later worked as a Rehab Technology Specialist for about nine years, repairing and customizing home medical equipment like liquid oxygen units and compressors.

Now, he is a legend and well-known star of the Discovery show.

His success on BattleBots

Leader and Capitan of Team Mutant Robots, Donald has competed since the early days of the Discovery show. Having won several battles over the series’ time, his super heavyweight robot Diesector was his most successful.

Diesector went on to win two championships in BattleBots, when it appeared on Comedy Central. He also built heavyweight robot Tazbot, which competed in the classic era of the show. 

Donald fought on the live scene with a heavyweight version of his middleweight Root Canal, which sometimes won and sometimes failed. He then competed in every season of ABC and Discovery’s BattleBots with LockJaw. 

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Donald’s job and net worth

Donald started competing on BattleBots as a day engineer and competitor at night. He had not competed for a while on the Discovery show, until he made a comeback as robot LockJaw recently.

He was previously a design engineer at the Neuroscience’s Institute (NSI) in San Diego, from 2000 to 2013. Donald worked in the Machine Psychology lab designing and building robotic platforms know as Brain Based Devices.

His net worth as of 2021 is listed as $196.7million, so designing robots is quite a money-making hobby!

Bringing his passionate hobby into his everyday life, he now works for Qualcomm Research in San Diego as a support engineer specializing in robotics.

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