Black Ink Crew’s Donna Lombardi is one of the show’s biggest troublemakers.

She has been on the show since the third season and it’s safe to say that it hasn’t been the same since.

From affairs to plain bizarre relationships, here are five facts you didn’t know about Black Ink Crew’s Donna Lombardi.

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Black Ink Crew Donna is only 26

Donna was born on September 20, 1992.

She turned 26 last year and did not disappoint. She had a massive blowout in New York.

Maybe this year she’ll come to the West Coast and celebrate her 27th with the rest of America!

Donna has a twin!

She isn’t the only Virgo in her family. Donna also has a twin sister!

Though we aren’t sure if they are identical, they sure do look like it.

However, the two are different as the moon and the sun.

Donna moved to New York and started her tattoo career, while Britney stayed in Cleveland to start a family and works as a nurse.

Black Ink Crew Donna has a sex tape

Back in 2015, Donna first was brought onto the show on season 3 as an apprentice for Caesar Emmanual.

She has since made a name for herself by having sex with three of her castmates at the shop.

If you haven’t been a die hard fan of Donna, then you probably don’t know that she also has a sex tape.

Back in February 2018, Donna and Alex (her co-star) we’re filmed having an intimate moment in a public bathroom.

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If Ya’ll Ready For Me & @thevaginaslayer__ To Have Our Own Show Tag @vh1 Till They Cut The ✔️

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Donna was a married woman

In 2014, Donna and Maxwell Major started dating, and in 2015 he proposed to her.

However, it didn’t take long for the two to marry and it didn’t matter to them that Maxwell was in jail.

In 2016 Maxwell and Donna exchanged vows in prison.

Though marriage to Maxwell didn’t last long, like the rest of her relationship with him the marriage only lasted one year.

Though within the year of the marriage she started a relationship with Mo.

Black Ink Crew Donna has a new boyfriend

However, she is currently dating Alex from Black Ink Crew.

The sex tape might be shocking, but not as surprising as the fact that she was in a committed relationship with Mo when the tape was filmed.

She and Mo have since broken up. Donna and Alex are going strong as ever!


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