Drillminister is back on our screens and more controversial than ever.

The mayoral candidate for London has been popping up on breakfast and news shows as of late, with his political ambitions strengthening day by day.

But despite the fact Drillminister has appeared on the likes of ITV’s This Morning and the BBC News on numerous occasions, a majority of the public are still confused as to who he is.

So who is Drillminister? Find out about the aspiring politician and musician here.

Screenshot: This Morning 14/05/2020 – ITV Hub

Who is Drillminister?

Drillminister is a South East London born and raised musician, aspiring politician and Internet personality. It is unknown how old he is.

On his website, Drillminister describes himself as “more than an internet/TV star” and instead as “a real activist and wordsmith.”

I represent The Voice Of Young Britain, the one they’ve forgotten about.

Drillminister is currently one of the five out of ten candidates running for Mayor of London this year. He is currently third in the race. This is correct as of Friday, May 15th.

Drillminister’s balaclava explained

One thing which has confused viewers upon each of Drillminister’s TV appearances is that he wears a balaclava.

Back in January 2020, appearing on Victoria Derbyshire, Drillminister explained why he covers his face. He said:

I believe my mask is a mask of democracy. I’m not going to be a victim of facial recognition… I believe we have politicians in suits and I think we’ve been conditioned to believe that a man in a suit with his face exposed is going to tell the truth.

Drillminister on This Morning

Joining Holly and Phil in the episode to discuss the new coronavirus antibody test that could potentially “end lockdown” was Drillminister and A Place in the Sun’s Amanda Lamb.

Philip asked: “If you find out you have had it, would it lead to reckless behaviour?”


Drillminister surprised them all with his answer, saying: “I think the answer to that is pretty simple. If you wanna work out if people have got it or not, Boris has had it; let’s stick him on a plane, send him to Wuhan, if he survives then we’re good to go!”

This answer obviously split audiences; many praised him online for his courage to call out the government’s previous herd immunity strategy whilst a majority – including much of the press – vilified him for his statement.

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Follow Drillminister on Instagram

To keep up with the latest on Drillminister you can follow him on Instagram. He already has over 48,000 followers and counting.

A vast majority of his posts are about his politics and TV appearances, so you won’t miss a thing.

You can find him under the handle @drillminister.





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