Life Before Zero, the hit National Geographic show in which we see the everyday struggles of living in the secluded state of Alaska, is now remarkably on its 19th season.

The documentary series started in 2013 and James Franzo has been the voice from the start. With so much drama and survival going on, the narrator can often be overlooked.

So let’s put a face to the famous voice and take a look into who Life Before Zero narrator James Franzo really is.

Who is James Franzo?

James Franzo is an American voice actor best-known for being narrator of hit National Geographic show Life Before Zero. He is 52 years old and was born in the US in February 1970.

James started off as an actor, with his first major TV appearance in soap Days Of Our Lives in 1965. He also appeared as a bartender in the film Bad Boys in 1995.

Since 2013, he has been narrating Life Before Zero and is now going 19 seasons strong!

Does James have Instagram?

James, who actually goes by ‘Jimmy’ on social media, has an Instagram following of about 1,500 followers. Although not as active as other TV personalities on the social media app, James lets his followers into his life, sharing stories about his health struggles and family.

James underwent a heart transplant seven years ago, he reveals in his bio, and shares his road to recovery with his followers.

His last post, in August 2022, celebrated seven years with his new heart. On his caption he states: “Today marks seven years with a stranger’s heart beating a perfect rhythm inside my chest. I cannot imagine words in any language that can touch what I feel multiple times every day. 

Read his full post below:

James Franzo’s family life

Social media shows us James is very close with his family as he shares many pictures of his mother, Gloria, who he sadly lost at the beginning of the year. His father also sadly passed away due to Alzheimer’s disease.

James is one of four sons and also has two sons of his own, Joseph and Christian. Both of them appear to be in the professional power-lifting industry.

James often refers to himself as a “proud pops” on social media.


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