Who is Memo Villegas? Get to know the host of Heavenly Bites: Mexico
Memo Villegas - Screenshot from official Backdoor YouTube account

Who is Memo Villegas? Get to know the host of Heavenly Bites: Mexico

New Netflix docu-series, Heavenly Bites: Mexico has been added to Netflix’s list of great cooking shows today and foodies all across the globe can’t wait to tuck in.

The host of the show, Memo Villegas, is a well-known Mexican actor and his fans are excited to see him in a new role as a host for the new cooking show, where he is followed around Mexico as he tries and discovers new ways of cooking Mexican cuisine.

Want to know more about Memo Villegas? Well, you’re in luck because here at RealityTitBit we tucked in and found out all we could about the new Netlfix show host.

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Heavenly Bites | Official Trailer | Netflix

Heavenly Bites | Official Trailer | Netflix
Memo Villegas – Screenshot from official Backdoor YouTube video

Who is Memo Villegas?

Memo Villegas, formally known as Guillermo Villegas, is a multi-faceted entertainer from Mexico, he is said to be somewhere in his mid-thirties as his age is not available on the internet.

Born in Toluca, Mexico, Villegas discovered his passion for acting from a very early age. He was in a school production of Beauty and The Beast which initially spurred on his love for dramatics.

As he grew and entered his adult years he started going to different theatre studios to obtain any opportunity he could. His persistence worked out as during this time he managed to get a 4-year certificate in acting from The National Institute of Fine Arts.

Since then he has excelled in movies, theatre productions, exhibitions and TV series and has made a good name for himself in the industry. He is now among some of the most commended entertains in Mexico.

He is supported on his Instagram by his 128K followers. Through scrolling, you can see that during his spare time, Villegas spends most of his time with friends and family and working out.

What movies has Memo Villegas been in?

Villegas made his debut in cinema with his first role as Julian Hernandez in the Mexican film Rabioso Sol.

Since then the super talented actor has had experience across the entire field of cinema. His movies include Run Coyote Run, The Backdoor and Chosen.

Villegas has also been in some pretty well-known series such as Narcos: Mexico where he plays the role of Sammy Alvarez.

His most recent role was in the 2021 movie Prayers For The Stolen but he now has a new journey on the horizon as a host in the Netflix docu-series Heavenly Bites: Mexico.

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What is Villegas’ new show Heavenly Bites: Mexico about?

The new 6 part docu-series shows the unique way chefs can transform old dishes into new and exciting ones, with the simple addition of a few extra spices and ingredients.

The show primarily focuses on Mexican food and is said to include a few dishes that most of us have probably never heard of.

The show is guided and hosted by Mexican native himself, Memo Villegas. It’s safe to say fans are excited and hungry to start watching.

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