Who is Stephen Wissmann? Jana Duggar's alleged wedding registry hints star is engaged

Fans are convinced the Duggar family is set to have another wedding after an alleged wedding registry of Jana Duggar surfaced online. Amid this, fans were left wondering who is Stephen Wissmann.

Jana’s dating life has been under investigation by several fans. However, time and again, the reality star alleged she was single. Several people found it hard to understand how Jana was the only one who wasn’t married. However, it looks like viewers might be getting a chance to finally see Jana walk down the aisle.

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Who is Stephen Wissmann?

Just like Jana, Stephen is also part of a fundamentalist community. Loren and Gloria Wissmann have 13 children, and one of them is Stephen. The family also has a band together.

As per their family website, Stephen is a pilot and an assistant manager of Wissmann Enterprises, Inc. Apart from enjoying outdoor activities, Stephen reportedly enjoys making small furniture.

In fact, Stephen’s talent does not stop here. The website further adds that he helps with “music arrangements, plays mandolin and guitar, and sings lead and bass.”

At the moment, Stephen has over 3k followers on Instagram. His bio reads: “Business manager, musician, fine woodworker, and pilot.” Unfortunately, Stephen does not share a lot on his social media. At the moment, he only has six pictures.

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Relationship with Jana Duggar explored

The news about Jana and Stephen’s relationship first surfaced online when the two were spotted together for Christmas. Several Reddit pages that are dedicated to the Duggar family shared a picture of the two

At the same time, in July 2021, Jana and Stephen were spotted together in Nebraska. It is believed that the Wissmann family had been performing at an event there and Jana had accompanied them.

Some pictures suggested that Jana and Stephen enjoyed quality time alone when the family took a break from their performance. Even though there are countless speculations regarding Jana and Stephen’s relationship, the pair have never confirmed this.

A look at couple’s alleged wedding registry

The rumors about Jana’s wedding grew more when a Reddit page shared a screenshot of Jana and Stephen’s alleged wedding registry.

As per the alleged wedding registry, Jana and Stephen are set to get married on October 23, 2021. Due to the post, some speculated that the rumors might be true.

One Reddit user wrote: “The date seems plausible. Jana screams “Christian Girl Autumn” to me so she totally would want an October wedding.” However, another pointed out that the registry had spelled ‘Wissmann’ wrong as the letter ‘n’ was missing. Due to this, some thought it could be fake.

Meanwhile, another argued: “I dunno, Audrey Roloff a Ny Times best-selling author, just posted a story and spelled license incorrectly (licsence)…anything could be possible!” As of now, an official confirmation regarding Jana’s wedding has not been made.

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