Over the years, viewers have seen a variety of antique dealing shows come to air, from Antiques Roadshow to Bargain Hunt.

But there’s one show on Yesterday which focusses on a luxury area that fascinates thousands of specialists across the nation: cars.

Although there have been tonnes of popular car shows such as Top Gear and Wheeler Dealers come to air, none are as specialised as Yesterday’s Bangers and Cash.

The series goes behind the scenes at a North Yorkshire-based, family-owned car auction business which specialises in historic and rare cars.

But who is the voice behind the series? And what else has he narrated?

Screenshot: Bangers and Cash S1 – UKTV Play

Bangers and Cash: Narrator

The narrator of Bangers and Cash is 50-year-old actor, comedian and radio DJ Toby Foster, originally from Harley in South Yorkshire.

Toby currently runs the Breakfast show on BBC Radio Sheffield while also being the promotor and compere at Sheffield’s Last Laugh comedy club.

Since he started work on BBC Radio Sheffield, Toby has been nominated for three Sony Radio Academy Awards, The Entertainment Award, Best Interview Award and in 2012 he was up for Sony Speech Broadcaster of the Year.

Toby was suspended for a month from Radio Sheffield over an incident on Twitter from December 2013 to January 2014 but has been in the role since then.

You can follow Toby on Twitter here where he has over 41,000 followers.

What else has Toby Foster been in?

When Toby was in his acting heyday he was known as one half of the Les Alanos duo with Steven Edge in Peter Kay’s sitcom Phoenix Nights. Toby went on to star in other Peter Kay comedies such as That Peter Kay Thing and Max and Paddy’s Road To Nowhere.


Toby also starred in an episode of Extras and more recently with Ricky Gervais in 2014’s Derek.

Bangers and Cash is Toby’s only narrating gig to date.

How to watch Bangers and Cash

Bangers and Cash started broadcasting on Yesterday back in May 2019. They continue to air repeats of the first season

You can watch Yesterday on Freeview and BT on channel 25, Virgin on channel 129 or on Sky on channel 155.

If you missed the show when it first aired, you can find episodes on UKTV Play here.

They have all ten episodes on the website which you can exclusively watch on their streaming service.





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