HGTV has presented us with the new home renovation show Breaking Bland. The network’s latest show chronicles designer Mary Welch’s renovation projects as she creates dream houses for homeowners.

Breaking Bland’s season 1 will feature seven episodes which will release every Wednesday starting August 4. Over the course of the HGTV show’s season, fans will get to witness Mary Welch sprinkling her goofy and quirky personality into her designs. But who is paying for these Breaking Bland renovations?

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Who pays for Breaking Bland renovations?

While neither HGTV nor Breaking Bland creators have revealed how the payments on the show work, yet, we do have some idea.

It is most likely that the show’s payments work in the same manner as the HGTV show Fixer Upper’s do. It is already revealed that the network does not pay for renovations on Fixer Upper. The couple or individuals whose houses get renovated are responsible for making the payments.

However, HGTV does usually pay for one of the bigger items of the house, as a bonus. This can include anything from an expensive dining room table to a pricey couch. But the network’s contribution is usually restricted to one piece of furniture.

Most other HGTV shows such as No Demo Reno, Farmhouse Fixer and etc reportedly follow this model, hence it is highly likely that Breaking Bland follows it too.

However, the homeowners are not supposed to pay the host/designer their design fees as HGTV covers the talent fee.

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Screenshot from HGTV YouTube/Breaking Bland Sne…

HGTV show’s plot explored

HGTV series Breaking Bland features Mary’s spunky interior designs. We follow the designer and her builder friend John Frick as the duo helps clients to create a living space that expresses their personalities. From the show’s trailer and premiere episodes, we can tell that Mary is not afraid of taking risks.

In every episode, fans will get to see her cracking design boundaries and encouraging her clients to create personalized houses. Mary reveals in the trailer, “My goal is to showcase each client’s personality while also encouraging them to take some bold risks. I want to help them embrace their fun, weird sides in the best way possible.”

Everything we know about designer Mary Welch

39-year-old Mary is a Knoxville, Tennessee, native. She grew up in a tight-knit family and often features her family members on her Instagram. The HGTV star was interested in designing from a young age.

In an interview, Mary has revealed how she and her father visited fabric stores when she was younger and she selected the bedding for her room. After graduating high school, the designer studied Interior Design at Colorado State University.

After earning her degree she went on to work in companies in Colorado, Chicago as well as New York City. The HGTV star briefly dabbled her feet in the music and fashion industries but found her way back to her one true love, Interior Design.

Breaking Bland Sneak Peek | HGTV

Breaking Bland Sneak Peek | HGTV
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