Why did Boogie get arrested? Growing Up Hip Hop star's past uncovered

A Growing Up Hip Hop clip reveals that Boogie Dash, a DJ and star on the WE tv show, was previously arrested. Here is what happened.

The reality TV series follows a group of stars, who grew up with parents known for being in the hip hop industry.

As they navigate their own success, we get to see how it all plays out for the stars – such as Boogie – in the studio and in their own relationships.

A recent clip of the upcoming episode revealed that Boogie was arrested. So, what happened? We explored the reasons behind the arrest.

Screenshot: Boogie arrested, Growing Up Hip Hop Twitter

GUHH: Boogie’s ‘arrest’ discovered

Stevie J’s daughter Savannah was about to go on a date, before having a call with her friend. He asked her if she has even looked up this person.

After doing some research, she found a news article which said Boogie was arrested. Savannah later decides to call him out on it.

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She asks him what happened, to which he responds:

I told the judge it’s 110 percent true.

Savannah later says that she wants “no parts of it”.

Why did Boogie get arrested?

  • Boogie was arrested for a misdemeanour assault and strangulation

Savannah found an article on Boogie, and read out its contents, during the June 3 episode of Growing Up Hip Hop. She read:

It says he got violent with her and shoved her head onto the bed, get on top of her. He grabs her by the throat and chokes her. He completed a 12-week anger management course as part of the plea deal.

A report by the NY Post revealed that Boogie was arrested several years ago.

It states Boogie was charged with misdemeanour assault and strangulation for “allegedly squeezing his girlfriend’s neck as they argued” in 2013.

During his time on GUHH, Boogie revealed he was arrested another time.

When else was Boogie arrested?

According to a TMZ report, Boogie was also arrested in 2016, after the police saw him straddling lanes and weaving.

He was seen talking to his dad about why he got “locked up” on Growing Up Hip Hop, shortly after the arrest in May 2016.

Boogie told his father Damon Dash:

I was dropping Dave [his manager] off after the club last night. They said that I was swerving. They made me do a couple [of] tests and they did the breathalyser and I passed.

His father asked if he was drunk, to which Boogie replied: “No, not one bit.” Boogie then revealed that they tested his blood, and took his fingerprint.

Damon Dash said: “So, that means they found something in your blood.” Boogie then responded by saying: “I guess so, yeah.”



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