Why did Trent Johnston quit his job and what’s his TLC salary?

Why did Trent Johnston quit his job and what's his TLC salary?

Trent Johnston has quit his job, leaving 7 Little Johnstons fans with the question of exactly why he decided to make the major decision. We also found out whether he can live on the TLC salary alone.

Known as the Dad of the Johnston family, the world’s largest known family of achondroplasia dwarfs share their personal and professional lives with cameras, including what they do for work.

Since he waved goodbye to his former role, several fans have been wondering what he earns on the show. Reality Titbit also found out the reason behind him quitting his previous job.

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What did Trent Johnston do for a living?

Trent’s TLC bio says he works as a grounds supervisor for a local college in his family’s hometown, Forsyth, Georgia, but it looks like he has waved goodbye to that job now.

The father-of-five who takes great pride in his DIY skills has become the “Fix it Man” at his workplace.

He now sells cars at Riverside Ford, and has even started an Instagram page called Trent Johnston Sells Autos.

His bio states that he will “help you get the best deal on your New or Certified Used Car, Truck or SUV”.

Trent’s son Jonah is also following in his footsteps. When asked why the family does not post photos when Jonah sells a car, they responded: “Some of our children prefer not to post certain things on social media and we respect that!”

Why did Trent quit his previous job?

Trent quit his job as a grounds supervisor, which involved cutting the grass at a local college.

He revealed that he is “not feeling this place anymore” in a text to wife Amber.

When a fan commented on a TLC clip of Trent quitting his job, claiming that his former role may have been the cause of chest pains Trent was having, the family responded.

They wrote: “it 100% was…chest pains, sleepless nights, side pain. He is SOOOO much better, happier, and loves what he does now.” His wife Amber had not believed he would quit, but said she would be happy if he did.

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What is his 7 Little Johnstons salary?

The Johnston family of TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons hasn’t publicly stated exactly how much they earn from the show.

However, according to reality TV producer Terence Michael, families like the Johnstons “typically earn 10% of each episode’s budget“.

Therefore if TLC budgeted £250,000 for one episode, the Johnstons would earn £25,000.

MD Daily Record writes that the family’s “combined net worth is estimated to be at $3 million as of 2021“.



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