Outdaughtered: Why does Danielle always drive? Fans wonder why Adam is passenger!

Adam and Danielle Busby often take their six children on outings, as seen on TLC’s Outdaughtered. But why does Danielle always drive?

Known as parents to the first-ever all-female quintuplets born in the U.S., the Texan couple are used to looking after a large family all the time.

Their everyday lives have been featured on the TLC series since 2016, from Danielle’s heart problems to giving their children an allowance.

It’s been hard for fans not to notice that, whenever they go out as a family, Danielle always takes the driver’s seat. So, why does she always drive?

Danielle Busby on OutDaughtered, TLC on YouTube

Viewers pick up on Danielle being the driver

As Danielle is trying to figure out what is causing her health problems, fans have started paying attention to her always driving.

But it is not the first time that viewers have picked up on Danielle always driving, despite Adam occasionally taking the wheel.

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Over the last few years, it has been an ongoing question that fans watching Outdaughtered have asked the Busby family.

One fan wrote: “Just curious, why don’t you ever drive the van?”

Another said: “Why doesn’t Adam drive. His wife drives him around like she’s the man of the house.”

Why does Danielle always drive?

  • She gets car-sick if she does not drive

Danielle has previously revealed that she gets motion sickness whenever Adam drives, which is why she prefers to do it.

We have seen Adam drive before, when Danielle came home after getting wisdom tooth surgery, and when he drove the RV during their vacation.

So, we know he can take the wheel if he ever needs to!

Fans have sympathised with her, who agreed that they also tend to take the wheel instead of their partner as they feel sick otherwise.

Adam addresses driving questions

Although fans tend to focus on why it is Danielle that specifically drives, others have wondered whether it is to do with Adam.

Several viewers have taken to Twitter to question why Adam doesn’t drive, which he has responded to multiple times.

One fan wrote: “Has anyone said WHY Adam doesn’t drive.”

He replied to them and said: “We have quite a bit.. Danielle gets motion sickness if she doesn’t drive.

Then, when a fan suggested that “she’s just the better driver” Adam jokingly responded with: “Well… that depends on the situation.”



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