Why does Kimberly always wear a hat on Seeking Sister Wife? Condition explained

Kimberly could be a potential new addition to the Winder family on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife. Fans are asking why she always wears a hat.

She is getting to know the Winder family on the series, which consists of Colton Winder and his current two wives Tami and Sophie.

Colton’s new girlfriend Kimberly visited his family in Utah recently. The episode and its events caused quite a splash on social media.

So, why does Kimberly always wear a hat on Seeking Sister Wife? We have uncovered exactly why she usually covers up her hair.

Screenshot: Kimberly, Seeking Sister Wife, TLC Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife: Who is Kimberly?

Kimberly is Colton Winder’s new girlfriend.

She is the closest to becoming a potential new sister wife, alongside Colton’s current wives Tami and Sophie.

In the May 17 episode of Seeking Sister Wife Season 3, fans saw that there were some major developments with the Winder family.

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Kimberly, the woman Colton had been courting recently, finally arrived in Utah from her hometown North Carolina.

She is a 30-year-old school teacher, who is new to the polygamist lifestyle, and describes herself as quiet and awkward.

Fans question why Kimberly wears a hat

Looking at a clip for an upcoming Seeking Sister Wife episode (May 24), a comment appeared to be fans wondering why Kimberly always wears a hat.

One fan wrote: “Did she wear the baseball hat the ENTIRE time???”.

Another said: “Take that hat off!”

It looks like some other viewers are genuinely concerned about why Kimberly always appears to leave her baseball cap on.

A fan took to Instagram comments and said: “Why is she always wearing a hat? Does she not have any hair on the top of her head?”

Why does Kimberly always wear a hat?

  • Kimberly has a medical condition that causes problems with her hair

Speculation about Kimberly’s hat was addressed by the Winder family on Instagram, who knew about a situation that she shared with them.

They wrote: “There was nothing wrong with what Kimberley chose to wear while coming to visit us (…).

“We told her we wanted her to be comfortable and we were totally fine if she chose to wear a hat.”

Kimberly reportedly has a condition that causes her hair to fall out.

There are several conditions that can cause hair loss, such as thyroid disease, alopecia areata, or scalp infections like ringworm.

However, Kimberly has not confirmed what causes her hair to fall out.



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