Why is Derek Hough not on Dancing With The Stars?
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Why is Derek Hough not on Dancing With The Stars?

Professional dancer Derek Hough was absent from the latest Dancing With The Stars episode (week three), leaving ABC fans concerned.

The fan favorite was one to shimmy across the Television City Studios dancefloor until 2016, before becoming a judge on the competition.

Now that he is usually sat in the main panel, it was no surprise that viewers quickly noticed his seat was left empty on episode three.

Host Tyra Banks announced Derek was not present at the third episode’s taping. Reality Titbit can expand on the reason behind his absence.

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Why Derek Hough was not on DWTS

Derek was absent due to coming into possible contact with Covid-19.

He sat out from the taping to air on the side of caution, which followed his cancellation of his Las Vegas show on Sunday.

The judge has reportedly tested negative so far.

If he continues to test negative, then it is likely that Derek will return to Dancing With The Stars for episode four.

Fans react to Derek’s absence

When viewers noticed Derek was missing, some actually preferred the original three judges like the show previously had.

But most missed his absence, and could not believe he had missed the Britney Spears-themed DWTS episode.

A viewer wrote: “Is it bad that I’m enjoying it just being the 3 OG judges? (No offense to Derek) #DancingWiththeStars #DWTS.”

Another fan disagreed, and said: “Hoping @derekhough will get better soon. Same to Cody Rigsby & his Dancing Partner Cheryl Burke.”

@derekhough missing Britney night?! Say it isn’t so!”, said a viewer.

Cheryl Burke also tested positive

On Friday, dancer Cheryl Burke and her DWTS partner tested positive for Covid-19, and had to compete from home as a result.

Cheryl posted to Instagram that she had tested positive for coronavirus last Sunday, and said:

I just hope I didn’t spread it. For those of you who don’t think COVID is a real thing, it’s f**king real, dude.

While on Thursday, Cody Rigsby announced he had tested positive, and said he will be “taking a break in the coming days”.

However, that didn’t stop them from competing – they danced a jazz routine to Britney’s iconic Gimme More!



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