Reanna is one of several stars on TLC’s Unexpected, which follows those going through unplanned teenage pregnancies. But where is she?

The season four finale is here, which sees the cast members tell all – when Myrka and Ethan confront Michelle for kicking them out, as one example.

Although the teen moms are there to discuss babies and boyfriends, the line-up isn’t quite complete, as Reanna Cline is nowhere to be seen.

So, why is Reanna not on the Unexpected season four finale? Keep reading to find out exactly where she is, and the reason for her absence.

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Why is Reanna not on Unexpected finale?

It was confirmed by Reanna’s mom in February that her daughter would not return to Unexpected season four part two.

Rumor has it that Reanna and Taron left the series early and missed the tell-all episode, which airs on May 10, 2021. This explains why she is absent.

There has been speculation that Reanna violated her NDA and leaked that Taron wasn’t in the room when she gave birth, leading to them being fired.

The real reason behind their departure has never been publicly revealed. In fact, even Taron told his friend he didn’t know why they were removed.

However, Reanna’s mom Jessica shared details about her daughter’s exit.

She reportedly said:

A personal conversation was had with one of our producers a few days before the “Tell All”. The NETWORK cancelled our segment of filming for the “Tell All” the day before we were supposed to film. THAT’S WHY WE WEREN’T AT THE “TELL ALL”….. The NETWORK decided to stop airing Reanna and Taron’s story as well, after the conversation with the producer. Hence the reason for the month hiatus. NOBODY BROKE CONTRACT. We are still under contract with them just like everyone else….. Hopefully that’s clear enough for everyone. 

Fans react to Reanna’s absence

Reanna’s absence has been noticed by fans throughout season four, especially in the run-up to the tell-all episode.

It is clear to see that the majority of fans are concerned about why Reanna and Taron were removed from the show in the first place.

One fan wrote: “#unexpected what ever happened to Reanna??”, while another suggested that there is a girl missing from the trailer.

Another said: “Literally so excited for #unexpected tonight!! It feels like it has been forever!!! Does anyone know why Taron & Reanna were kicked off the show? #unexpectedtlc.”

When one fan asked where Reanna is, a fellow viewer replied with: “She went but the producers changed their mind.”

Where is Reanna on Unexpected now?

Reanna appears to be enjoying life with her daughter Danica.

She has also moved on from Taron, and been regularly pictured with another guy who did not make an appearance on the TLC series.

The Unexpected star has recently graduated as a junior, following three surgeries, a baby and a “very sick pregnancy”, according to a family post.

Reanna also reportedly shared a photo of a ring from her new man.



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