Wife Swap is finally making a return in 2019: What channel is it on? When will it air?

Wife Swap 2019 is officially here! Let’s take a look at the iconic reality TV series and see when it will return to our screens.

The classic series ran for six seasons from 2004 to 2010. Then, it returned briefly for season 7 in 2013.

Since then, it has been sorely missed. Not to worry though; it’s finally back!

Wife Swap, Paramount Network, 2019 trailer still

Wife Swap: New episodes

It feels like we’ve been waiting for ages. A new series was announced by CMT quite a while ago now.

However, it appears that the Paramount Network took over.

If you cast your minds back, you’ll remember just how great it was. The show sees families swap spouses and attempts to adapt to new lifestyles and rules, with dramatic and sometimes hilarious consequences, of course.

Wife Swap, Paramount Network 2019 trailer still

Wife Swap 2019: Episodes

We’ll be getting ten brand new episodes.

The season was produced by Banijay Studios North America.

So, when will the reboot arrive?

Wife Swap, Paramount Network 2019 trailer still

Wife Swap 2019: Air Date

The Wife Swap reboot episodes will air on April 4th 2019.

Episode one will air at 9 pm on the Paramount Network.

Get ready for some explosive entertainment. It’s set to be the most satisfying season yet.

What can we expect?

Wife Swap is a show that appears to have adapted considerably.

This season will explore wife swaps with stay-at-home dads, LGBTQ marriages, and – as it appears – a family who don’t have wifi. That’s sure to make for some pretty terrific viewing.

The format of the show still appears very familiar. After the swap, the families have the chance to compare notes and voice their feelings. That always tends to be the best bit.



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