The brand new reality show, The Kardashians, has just dropped on Hulu and to say that fans – and us – are excited, is an understatement. The audience has been patiently waiting for months after KUWTK fans were left heartbroken when the old series was cancelled last year.

We cant wait to see what the girls have been up to on the new series but fans also want to know if the programme will be played on YouTube TV after some fans noticed that it was “giving YouTube vibes”.

Reality Titbit has all the information on when and where the new reality TV show will be streaming from, including what we have to expect.

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On The Divide | Official Trailer | PBS

On The Divide | Official Trailer | PBS
The Kardashians. Picture: The Kardashians | Official Trailer | Hulu

Will the new Kardashians be on YouTube?

The comment section on the new trailer for The Kardashians was filled with fans questioning whether the show will be aired on YouTube as well as Hulu.

Though it has neither been confirmed nor denied, Hulu does say that they will be exclusively streaming the new series, therefore we can assume that this will be the only platform showing the new reality series.

One fan’s comment on YouTube said, “Why is this intro giving me YouTube TV vibes? Is it being shown on here?”

When and where to watch The Kardashians

The new season will be launching at 9 PM PST on Wednesday 13 April and at 12 AM EST on Thursday 14 April.

The show will be launching exclusively to Hulu with a basic plan costing $7 per month, or an ad-free subscription costing $13 a month.

All episodes will be uploaded to Hulu each week and with what is set in store for the show, we think it will be well worth the subscription.

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What to expect from the new series

We can’t lie, the new series looks better than ever and fans have already said they think it looks better than the iconic OG series.

All of the famous sisters, as well as Kris, of course, will be featured on the show and Kim let us know at the Hulu premiere for the show last week that this new series will “follow the sister’s individual journeys.”

The promo video said viewers will get to see a glimpse of the legendary family in a way that we have never seen before. We will get to see the rising of Travis and Kourtney, Kylie’s second pregnancy journey and an insight into Kim and Kanye’s divorce.



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