The Family Chantel star Winter Everett showed off her weight loss journey on the recent episode, leaving fans in total and utter shock.

A TLC reality show, the up-and-down family dynamic of 90 Day Fiance favorites Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno are captured on camera.

She showed off her post-break up body transformation on the November 29th episode, following the news that she had split from Jah.

We looked at before and after pictures of Winter’s dramatic weight loss, which have led to many viewers saying how “proud” they are.

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How much weight has Winter lost?

Winter has lost over 50 pounds. She first announced how much weight she has lost in 2020, and has continued to decrease the lbs ever since.

The 26-year-old began to diet and regularly go to the gym, which appear to have had a dramatically beneficial impact on her confidence.

For The Family Chantel star, it’s more about how she feels rather than the amount of pounds lost, as it isn’t all about the number on the scale.

Winter has also began to wear more revealing clothes, whereas she used to cover her body parts up far more in the past.

She also adopted a new religion in Nazarene faith because of her now ex-fiancé, Jah, which follows a biblical diet.

Winter Everett’s transformation

Winter recently posted a photo showing off her thinner waist, and posted a smaller image in the bottom right hand corner to highlight her weight loss.

She appears to have zero photos on her Instagram from before losing weight, which highlights how much more confident she feels now.

The TLC star’s face is significantly more defined now, as well as her arms, legs, and pretty much her entire body.

It comes after her weight loss journey began a couple of years ago, which Winter spoken openly about in front of cameras.

Many have commented on her “glow up”, revealing how “amazing” she looks since dropping the pounds and wearing figure-hugging clothes.

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Fans react to Winter’s weight loss

Looking at Twitter, it is clear to see that Winter is absolutely transforming herself in viewers’ eyes, and not just when it comes to her weight.

Many have noticed that she seems happier in general, and are over the moon for her. However, some are still focused on her looks.

One wrote: “Winter…boo…I feel like she is a bit insecure because of her weight and I also feel Chantel has something to do with that.”

Others seem to think she broke up with Jah as a direct result of losing weight, as some viewers think she deserves better.

A fan said: “The Family Chantel- Winter is settling for JAH cause she thinks he’s the only bum for her and clearly suffers from low self-esteem.

“After her weight loss and achieves her goal, she’ll probably end up with someone better.”



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