Worst Cooks in America has finally crowned its winner, or ‘Worst Cook’, of 2020.

The Food Network competition takes on competitors, or “recruits” as they are known on the show, who all have terrible cooking skills. They then have to compete through a culinary boot camp, impressing each week with their newly acquired skills. The final sees the two recruits who have impressed most take on the final challenge of cooking a restaurant-quality three-course meal for some food critics. Whoever impresses at the final hurdle gets a $25,000 cash prize on top of their new talents in the kitchen, so it’s a pretty good result!

The twentieth season started airing on Sunday, June 21st. There were just eight episodes this season and fourteen competitors.

But who was the winner of Worst Cooks in America season 20? Find out who took home the mega cash prize here.

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli with Ari Robinson on the set of Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America- Season 20 – Food Network

Worst Cooks in America season 20: Winner

  • Ari Robinson

The recruit taking home the prize this year is Ari Robinson.

Ari is a 28-year-old teacher and comedian from Simpsonville, South Carolina. Ari was on Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s team and beat out Zack Ignoffo (Chef Anne Burrell’s team) in the final.

Ari Robinson on winning Worst Cooks in America

Ari and Zack faced off in the final, impressing the three esteemed food critics: Mary Giuliani, Julian Rodarte and James Tahhan.

Although both recruits did well, Ari pulled off her meal seamlessly and earned the title of this season’s winner.

Most Worst Cooks fans were happy with the result this season, as although fans loved both Zack and Ari, they were desperate for the cash prize to go to her family after hearing their story.

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Where is Ari Robinson now?

Ari Robinson continues her work as a speaker, comedian and podcaster. You can listen to her podcast here. It is hosted by Ari and her husband Austin.

You can also follow Ari on Instagram to keep up to date with her latest. Find her under the handle @arifunnycomedy.

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