Young pics of Kim Kardashian have emerged online, where fans are divided over whether she looks more like daughters North or Chicago West now. Most are totally convinced Chicago looks like her mom’s twin.

Kim is besties with all four children who she shares with ex-husband Kanye West. From launching a TikTok page purely devoted to mom-and-daughter time with North to Chicago taking her mom’s middle name Noel, they’re super close.

However, it’s Chicago that fans cannot get over when it comes to being Kim’s lookalike. A fan account on Instagram is now comparing younger pictures of the reality TV personality to Chicago, leaving them shellshocked.

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Young pics of Kim Kardashian resurface

Kim has shared several pictures of her younger self on Instagram, and fans are doing the same. One fan account, Chicaga West, has been busy uploading multiple images of Kim’s young pics next to Chicago.

People have noticed Kim and her daughter’s noses, face shape, eyebrows and ears are very similar, but they have picked up on how Chicago’s eyes and lips are more of a resemblance of her dad Kanye.

In June 2022, the reality star took followers on a trip down memory lane with a photo from her teenage years – before her own reality show. The snap was taken in 1996, but it’s her much younger pics that have compared her to Chicago.

Chicago West is Kim’s ‘twin’, say fans

When the photo of Chicago next to a young picture of her mom Kim was shared, the majority agreed that she looks the spitting image of her. A Kardashian fan wrote: “Chi really is the image of her mama wow😍.”

Another penned: “Girl that’s you all day long….. baby she [Chicago] looks just like you.”

“She [Chicago] has her dad’s eyes and lips, everything else is momma Kim😍,” reacted a fellow follower.

Others think North is her lookalike

Although most agreed that Chicago looks just like Kim, others are more convinced that North is her twin. And some were even totally in disagreement that any of her children have much of a resemblance to her at all.

One fan responded to the young pictures of Kim with: “All I see is North.”

While another said: “Nah… but definitely North’s twin 😍.”

Even Kim has referred to Chicago as her twin, but is super close to her daughter North. Looking on social media, nowhere near as many people think North looks like Kim, but many have said she resembles dad Kanye.

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