Al Pacino has been linked to many famous faces over the years but has never had a wife. The Godfather actor has expressed the reason he has never tied the knot might stem from early family memories.

Interest in Alfredo “Al” Pacino’s love life has been sparked after the actor’s representatives confirmed he was expecting another child. Pacino’s current girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, is eight months pregnant as of publication date.

Questions about why the actor has never opted for the marriage route have once again been raised. Here’s what Al Pacino said on the matter.

Al Pacino In Conversation With David Rubenstein
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Al Pacino says it’s ‘possible’ that he could have a wife

With a career in Hollywood spanning six decades, fans have taken an interest in Al Pacino’s personal life. This interest has only been stoked by the fact that The Godfather star is notoriously private.

However, when probed, Pacino has opened up on why he hasn’t taken a trip down the aisle with any of his former partners.

 “Of course it’s possible [I’ll get married],” Pacino revealed to The Boston Herald in 2015. “It seems beside the point though. I mean, yeah. I have no idea, but I never say never.”

“I don’t think of marriage that way, but it’s very possible that this could happen.”

The actor has expressed that being present with his children and involved in their lives is the most important thing for him. Pacino has three children as of publication date: Julie Marie, 33, and twins Anton and Olivia, 22.

There’s ‘layers’ to why Al is reluctant to get married

Lawrence Grobel, Al Pacino’s friend and biographer, explained that there are “layers” as to why the actor has never married.

“He has a take on marriage. His father left when he was young. He doesn’t want to get involved in a bad marriage. And he can be difficult sometimes, and I think he’s aware of that,” Grobel explained as per the Independent’s report.

“To unravel why Al has never married is like onions; there’s layers and layers of stuff.”

Al Pacino’s parents separated when he was two years old. His father left and Pacino went to be raised by his maternal grandparents. An only child, the Independent report claims that Pacino had a “close but often fraught” relationship with his mother. She passed away when Pacino was just 22 years old.

Who has Al Pacino dated?

Before Al Pacino struck up a relationship with Noor Alfallah, he was tied to Israeli actress Meital Dohan. Pacino and Dohan parted ways in early 2020 after several years of dating. Dohan, who starred in the likes of Weeds, claimed that it was their 36-year age gap that led to their amicable split. Dohan was looking to start a life with a partner and have children of her own, whereas Pacino has three children already.

The Godfather actor famously dated his co-star Diane Keaton. They were cast as an on-screen couple in the classic franchise which rocketed them to fame. Keaton and Pacino parted ways after wrapping on The Godfather Part III.

Al Pacino’s longest public relationship was with Argentine actress Lucila Polak. The pair started dating in 2008 and were together for the best part of a decade. Polak’s daughter, Camila Morrone, recently found success starring in Daisy Jones & The Six. Morrone, 25, was famously in a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio for four years. They parted ways in August 2022.

Pacino has also been in a relationship with actresses Jill Clayburgh, Kathleen Quinlan, and Beverly D’Angelo.

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