Amanda Bynes' face tattoo symbolizes her 'imperfect heart', claim fans
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for NYLON

Amanda Bynes' face tattoo symbolizes her 'imperfect heart', claim fans

After nine years, Amanda Bynes has filed for an end to her conservatorship. As the news circles headlines, fans are only just noticing the black ink of a crooked heart the actor has on her cheek.

The former Hairspray star hasn’t been acting for years, and publicly appeared on social media in 2019 for a brief moment. It was the first time anyone had seen her face tattoo, which shocked most of her followers on Instagram.

Since then though, Amanda’s IG page has been set to private. Since she filed documents hoping to end her conservatorship, many are interested in finding out what the heart ink actually means…

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Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for NYLON

Amanda Bynes’ face tattoo

Amanda first showed off her face tattoo in 2019, which shows a crooked heart tattoo under her cheek. She also sported a septum piercing in the picture, where she is said to be with her fiance.

She later reportedly got a second tattoo on her face, which looks like a dot of ink above her eyebrow. However, just a few weeks before on December 3rd, the former Nickelodeon star shared a selfie without any visible ink. 

It is unknown who gave Amanda the tat, but many have assumed that she inked herself due to its unevenness. Others think it is a crooked heart on purpose, which may attribute to the meaning behind the tattoo.

What does the heart ink mean?

Although Amanda hasn’t confirmed the meaning behind her heart face tattoo, fans have made their own assumptions about the reasons behind the ink. A popular rumor is that it may mean having a “broken heart”.

However, this wouldn’t make total sense from a relationship perspective, as she shared a picture with her fiance which clearly showed off the heart tat. It could be down to a family or personal matter, or even just to have a heart.

Some fans say they “love the heart tattoo” and believe “it’s her choice if she wants a heart tat“, while others begged that the ink isn’t permanent. One person reacted: “Please tell me that tattoo isn’t real.”

Another guessed what the ink could mean and wrote:

The heart tattoo she has on her cheek is not shaped as perfectly as it could be – I’m wondering if that was the intention behind it – as if to say – nobody’s heart is perfect.

The heart only adds to your individuality“, a follower commented on an Amanda Bynes’ fan account.

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Where Amanda is today

Although Amanda rarely posts public updates about herself on social media, the Daily Mail reported that Paul Michael is her fiance. She announced their engagement in 2020 after revealing she had been one year sober.

The actor also apologized for her infamous 2013 Twitter rant during the same week. She went on to add that she “is so happy now” and shared a photo of a diamond ring to mark her Valentine’s Day engagement in 2020.

She is still under a conservatorship and won’t be allowed to get married until her family signs off, but her family is said to be aware of the engagement. Two years on, Amanda has filed to end the contractual agreement.

The star also posted photo of herself in a cap and gown during her graduation from FIDM – the only page she follows on Instagram – and hinted at plans for her own clothing line that year.


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