It turns out that when Ben Affleck said Marry Me to JLo (for the second time!) she didn’t disclose her obsession with a certain TV show. Now, the actor reveals that he’s ‘disturbed’ by just how much JLo loves Rip and Beth in Yellowstone.

We’ve all been obsessed with Ben Affleck and JLo’s love story since it started 20 years ago. However, it turns out we’ve been looking at it a little more closely than those involved. After JLo admitted she “loved the story” between Rip and Beth in Paramount‘s Yellowstone, her husband was left a little confused.

We can’t help but think part of the reason is the similarities between the characters and the stars’ marriage.

Yellowstone couple are TV’s version of Ben and JLo

It’s been hard not to keep up with their relationship and eventual happy ending when it’s been going on for so long. Now, that applies to both JLo and Ben, and Rip and Beth.

In the show, Beth Dutton is the daughter of patriarch John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. She’s had an on/off-again relationship with the ranch’s foreman and John’s right-hand man, Rip for 20 years. In the series 4 finale of Yellowstone, the two finally got married.

That definitely sounds pretty familiar.

Their life may not be on a ranch and the two certainly aren’t cowboys. However, it’s easy to see how similar the story of Rip and Beth is to JLo and Ben.

Well, to everyone apart from the Gone Girl actor.

Clearly, JLo isn’t the only one who has fallen for the TV couple. Star of the show Cole Hauser, spoke about how “imperfect” Rip and Beth work so well.

“Where there’s moments that, maybe, there would be anger, there’s love instead, ” the actor told Us Weekly, “And there’s a lot of levels to the characters that Kelly and I have just found throughout the years. And I think it’s wonderful that people actually still care about the two of them the way they do.”

JLo definitely cares about the couple. Unfortunately, we’re not too show that Ben feels the same way.

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Ben Affleck ‘disturbed’ by JLo’s Rip and Beth obsession

Speaking on The Bill Simmons Podcast with friend and co-star Matt Damon, the actor revealed that his wife’s love of Yellowstone doesn’t sit right with him.

Perhaps he hasn’t forgiven JLo’s sassy remark at the Grammy’s, but we would have thought her recent tattoo tribute to Ben Affleck would show she’s On The Floor with forgiveness. Well, apparently not and he felt the need to continue to talk about it on the podcast.

“I’m kind of disturbed that my wife really likes ‘Yellowstone’,” he said, specifying that she was really drawn to the romance between Cole Hauser and the woman who plays his wife.” Referring to Rip and Beth, it seems he missed the obvious comparison.

Deciding to Get Right into the details, the actor went on:

“Jen showed me a clip of her off of Instagram, the monologue she has with the kid in the car about the ways to become rich. And then she was like, ‘I love this story of these two.'”

Clearly baffled by JLo’s revelation, Ben asked the singer and actress what she actually loved about it.

The conversation about JLo’s Yellowstone obsession stopped there. However, we’re still unsure whether the star saw the similarities between the show and his own life. Though it’s not certain whether that’s the reason why JLo was drawn to the couple, it’s quite a coincidence if it isn’t.

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